What Are Secondary Kidney Diseases

Some very common diseases can destroy renal cells or tissues over time, which is called secondary kidney diseases. Please be cautious if you have some diseases which are easily trigger secondary kidney disease.

Causes of secondary kidney disease

By the name of “secondary kidney disease”, we can guess that secondary kidney disease is following a primary disease. Some diseases are easy to incur renal problems which may develop into renal failure or uremia. Such as high blood pressure, lupus, diabetes, purpura, hepatitis b, amyloidosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hyperuricemia and some other diseases.

Symptoms of secondary kidney disease

Except for the symptoms of primary diseases, patients will be tortured by the symptoms of kidney disease. It may take several weeks or several years to develop into kidney disease from the primary disease. Thereby the symptoms of kidney disease will present little by little.

For kidney has a feature of compensation, the early symptoms are not easy to detect and most patients have little proteinuria, hematuria and mild edema in eyelids, which do not bother their life and cannot attach patients’ important.

However, once secondary kidney diseases are initiated, they are progressing in an accelerated pace. In not a long time, a great amount of proteinuria will emerge; blood pressure is rising higher; edema may be so severe that patients cannot wear their previous shoes. In the end stage, they may have some worse symptoms, such as bad appetite, vomit, sick, fatigue, difficult breath when lying and so on.

When treating secondary kidney diseases, we should notice some following points.

1. The primary diseases and secondary kidney diseases should be treated at the same time. Primary disease is the source of all the symptoms and secondary kidney disease may be threaten life, so we should distinct clearly which one is troublesome and urgent. But concurrent therapy cannot be abandoned.

2. Both of Chinese medicine and western medicine should be adopted to treat this complicated disease—secondary kidney disease. Chinese medicine and western medicine both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Only the combination of both medicines, the curative effect will be better.

3. Diet is an adjuvant therapy to treat secondary kidney diseases. Searching and mastering some diet suggestions is good for directing patients to meal and preventing some needlessly troubles.