What Are The 5 Things Parents Should Avoid With Your School Going Kids

Here are 5 Things Parents Should Avoid with Your School Going Kids:

1) Avoid asking them school related or homework related issues the moment they reach home.  Allow them time to unwind. Instead, ask them over and share with them your ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ for the day.  Encourage them to share theirs too!  

2) Avoid sitting beside them when they are doing they homework. Ask them how long they need to complete.  This will train them to plan and finish their work within the stipulated time. Offer your assistance only when they asked for it. Do not give them the answers, guide them to the answers.  

3) Avoid ceasing reading to your kids.  Even if they are in their teens, continue this good habit. It is a great bonding time.  Visit the library and pick out a book that your kids might be interested in.  It can be ‘Harry Potter’; ‘The Three Investigators’; ‘Poems’ or even the Bible.  Set aside a little quiet time with your daily routine to read to your kids. A chapter a day will go a long way for your relationship with your kids.  If your schedule does not allow you to do so every day, you can do it 2/3 times a week.  

4) Avoid giving monetary reward when they achieve good grades.  Instead, get them a small meaningful gift; baked them cookies/cake or prepare a small feast to encourage them.  

5) Avoid waking up your kids abruptly.  Instead, wake them up with a little cuddling time and expressing your love to them.  This will ensure them to start the day feeling happy and positive.