What Are The Best Cleaning Products to Kill Swine Flu Germs?

Swine flu germs still exist, although there are not nearly as many lingering cases as there were before.  There are very good cleaning products that exist to kill swine flu germs and should be used whether the swine flu exists or if it is non-existent.  This article will name a few of the best cleaning products to kill swine flu germs.

1)  Lysol!  There are many different types of Lysol, but there is one Lysol disinfectant that says “Kills Flu Virus” and kills 99.9% of germs.  Lysol can be bought for a very good price in the United States, but in some Asian countries like Thailand, you will pay $25 for a can of Lysol.  This spray is very effective and should be used several times a day and especially if someone coughs or sneezes.  Lysol is great for the air and kills germs with a simple spray.

2)  Clorox wipes!  Clorox wipes are wonderful tools for killing swine flu germs.  Most packs of Clorox wipes can be found at the dollar store and can be purchased very cheap.  The main focus of the wipes would be surfaces and this kills the germs on those surfaces.  People touch surfaces all the time and if they have any germs, especially swine flu germs, then these surfaces would be cleaned thoroughly and the germs eliminated.  Areas like the railings, the sink handles, and the refrigerator door are examples of areas that many people touch and must be wiped down with Clorox wipes to kill germs.

3)  Anti-Bacterial Soap!  Anti-Bacterial soap can be seen in many public venues and is a great method to kill germs.  People come out in public every day and they sometimes have the swine flu, and even though they shouldn’t, they do and if you wash your hands with this soap, you give yourself a very high chance of not getting the swine flu.  Keep some in your house and use it often, whether you are sick or not!  The soap is not very expensive, but if you like it to smell nice, you may pay a little more.  Most anti-bacterial soaps do not smell real good!  Anti-bacterial soap is one of the best cleaning products to kill swine flu germs.

Although swine flu is not a major concern, it still exists and cleaning with these products is one more way to protect yourself!