What Are The Best Remedies For Hemorrhoids?

 When you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, finding out the best treatment becomes an urgent question. Though it’s not usually too serious, it is still a very unpleasant experience. While in some cases, you have to get medical attention for hemorrhoids, very often you can find relief by using some very simple methods you can do at home. You may find that some of the following hemorrhoid treatments will help to heal your condition. Some of the following hemorrhoid treatment options may work for you.

While it’s fine to maybe first try the typical over the counter (OTC) hemorrhoids medications; however if you don’t find good relief you really should have a talk with your family doctor. Not everyone wants to take prescription drugs, but seriously your doctor can give you medication that usually, if not almost always, works very fast and provides relief. We all realize that some have no problem making an appointment while others couldn’t be threatened into making one – so obviously it’s your call and decision. Sometimes hemorrhoids can induce terrible pain and/or anal bleeding, and other conditions can cause anal bleeding; so in those circumstances please see your doctor immediately. If your symptoms are milder, you may want to try natural or over the counter medications before seeing your doctor.

A simple, completely natural hemorrhoids treatment is garlic. Powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties can be found in garlic. You can take garlic in many different ways. While you can obviously eat it in foods, it’s often easier to ingest garlic capsules. They are highly concentrated and you can forget about garlic breath. Garlic can also be applied externally to hemorrhoids to reduce swelling and pain. By placing a teaspoon of crushed garlic on square gauze you can create a simple but effective garlic compress. Apply this compress to the anal area for about ten to fifteen minutes to destroy harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Laser treatment for severe hemorrhoids is available, but that will only be recommended if nothing else will work. It would make sense that laser treatment is for the most stubborn and the severest cases. Even though this is a surgical procedure, it can be done in the doctor’s office and only takes about fifteen minutes, and you then need a full day to recover. This is considered advanced, and it tends to be expensive; but your insurance should cover it. Still, doctors will not recommend laser treatment for hemorrhoids until all other options have been tried.

Hemorrhoid treatments vary a great deal, some involving all natural methods, others prescription medication or even surgery. When you begin treating your hemorrhoids, you may want to think about progressing from the mildest and easiest types of treatment to the more involved methods. We highly recommend that you take a good close look at how you live your life, and then try to eliminate anything that could possibly contribute to your hemorrhoids.