What are the Best Teen Study Bibles?

Christian parents love to hear their teenage student tell them they want a new Student Study Bible. If your teenager has told you this recently let me make some suggestions for you that will help you determine the best Student Study Bible for your teenager. The best Teen Study Bibles must have some key ingredients before they can be labeled best. Here are my suggestions.

Axis: A Study Bible for Teens: This is a favorite Student Study Bible among the teenagers I get to work with. Based on the popular New King James Version (NKJV) this teen study Bible is easy to read for students from most reading levels. The medium compact size of this student study bible makes it easy to carry, and the cover comes in many dark and neutral covers. I particularly like the way this Student Study Bible breaks down important passages of scripture for students. My students tell me that the comparative stories within this teen study Bible help them to apply the principles used in the scripture to their own lives. Passage headings, keywords, and study notes also are helpful in explaining those tougher passages of scripture. The Axis Study Bible for Teens can be found at Amazon.com for around $15 dollars.

The NIV Student Bible: This popular student study Bible has sold over 5,000,000 copies and remains a hit among teenagers. Teenagers really appreciate the insights they gain from the personal stories found within this teen study Bible. Available in either hardbound, or leather bound backings you can choose one tough enough to stand up to the wear and tear your teenager will throw at it. Passage headings and study notes are plentiful and broken down in a way that will allow your student to remember the meaning of the passage. This student study Bible can be found at Borders.com for around $50 dollars for the leather bound version, cheaper for the hardback.

The Holman Student Bible: The Holman Christian Standard is a popular new translation for the Student Study Bible due to its readability. The Holman Christian Standard Bible has been purchased for many of my students by their parents and my parents report that both the student as well as themselves love reading this easy to use Student Study Bible. The supporting materials found within this teen study Bible are clear, concise, and meaningful. Personal stories from students are found sprinkled throughout this student study Bible and my students tell me the stories are understandable when compared to the scripture it is referencing. One small feature your student will enjoy about this Bible is the number colors you can purchase it in. Whether you have a boy or a girl your teenager is sure to enjoy this personalized student study Bible. Purchase it at Lifeway.com for around $40 bucks. Hope these suggestions help you and your student in the search for the perfect Student Study Bible.