What Are The Colors of The Rainbow?

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

What are the colors of the rainbow?

(Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)
For those of you who do not know; the rainbow we see as an optical illusion is made up of all different colors visible to the naked eye. We marvel at its beauty and sheer brilliance. It is a priceless phenomenon which defies the imagery of mystery. The best way to see this spectrum of colors is by using a prism. When white light passes through a prism it is bent. Each color is bent differently. Red is bent the least, violet is bent the most. The white light spreads out into its colors. Then each color of the visible spectrum can be clearly seen.

When are you likely to see a rainbow? The beauty of the rainbow colors mesmerize our eyes, with the sheer magic of its existence in radiant flight, the allurement is an inescapable wonderment. So pretty and inexplicable impressive, its mystery challenges the most genius of minds.
You need the components of a few things to be able to see a rainbow, it don’t just appear out of thin air, one of the main things you need is rain, the rain is then illuminated by the bright rays of sunshine, and with the rain from showers that moves in the direction away from the sun, the angle taken will give you the best way to see a rainbow.
Most likely you will see rainbows on days with scattered showers or dull overcast rainy days, in which raindrops refract and reflect the sunlight.

However, only the light from some of the raindrops reaches the eyes.
Looking at the rainbow, we see an arch of light beautifully exhibiting the spectrum of colors of the rainbow in their sequent order. It is done by drops of water falling gradually through the air; we see the glory of the rainbow in an illustrious display, captured usually after rainfall in the sky opposite to the sun. The spectrum is seen at the close of a shower and also in the spray of waterfalls.
The shape of the rainbow is seen in a brightest half moon bow, often the only one seen, are the most prominent colors, which are closely arranged with the red hue on the outside. A prism is the element that split the sunlight into various colors. The rainbow is always seen in the opposite direction of the sun with a bright interior when carefully observed.

Above the arch perfect bow galvanizing the sky, there is another secondary bow coming in faint succession outside of the first bow, aptly bringing up the rear in which other colors are arranged in reverse order; gradually the bow then gets slightly dimmer, as if disappearing, because the view of a twin reflection within the rain drops.

When the sunlight enters a within a raindrop it is bent, by the reflection from the drop so that the light appears as a spectrum of colors. These colors can only be seen, when the angle of reflection between the sun, and the drop of water is in the observer’s line of vision between the angle of 40° and 42°.

What is the biblical reason for the rainbow?

When the sun is low in the sky the rainbow appears relatively high; as the sun rises higher, the rainbow appears lower in the sky. The rainbow does not have a permanent position in the sky and you can’t locate it by geography, it does not actually exist in any one particular location in the sky. It is an optical illusion whose position, depends entirely on the observer’s location and the apparent position of the sun.

Since this angle is constant for orientations of raindrops with respect to the sun, the rainbow has no end, and it cannot be localized or be connected to the environment. The rainbow is like discovering an entity coming near into our hearts; it starts with small drops in the apex of our eyes, and gradually retreats back into infinite glory being illuminated by sunlight.

God put a rainbow in the sky to remind us that he will never flood the earth again. It’s a token of remembrance. So every time it rains there is a rainbow somewhere reminding all mankind that God has made a promise to us?