What Can we Learn From Japan?

As you all should have noticed there’s a lot going on in Japan right now. First There is the big earthquake, then there was a tsunami and now everyone is talking about nuclear reactors which are supposedly unsafe. As a result many countries are questioning their own nuclear projects. In fact many countries have already shut down their nuclear reactors because of fear that the same thing will happen that did in Japan. Apparently earthquakes are very common in Germany now. I feel like I am the only one who thinks that is a little weird. Why should technology that has been working for years melt down all of a sudden and explode in an enormous crash? Apparently many people do not realize that we need those reactors to supply us with an incredible amount of energy. Energy so many people have come to take for granted. Instead now we’re back to using scarce resources to provide us with the luxuries we so desperately need. Although I do agree that we should investigate new energy sources. I do not think that we should replace the old ones so fast without hesitation.

On the bright side, these events may lead to an opportunity to explore alternative energy sources which we currently thought impossible. For instance an offshore windmill park, solar energy, water turbines etc. I really hope that the tragic events of late will result in a new way of looking at things. Then at least something good will have happened despite all the losses we are all seeing in the small box in our living room fueled by something not nuclear.