What did Tom Peters want to say with “brand you” ?

Set goal/target: The “brand” word is not necessary for only firm/company/product, it’s necessary for all people. He emphasised branding process that can be applied for our private and business life. He called out to these people, different, creative, innovative and self-aware people.

He said, “you are potantial brand, be brand, stay brand and die brand”
Order/directive: Actually he adviced but his messages were order for us. If you want to be happy and successful, you must be “brand”

Respect: Human is the creature that has been best equipped in the universe. Therefore, first of all, respect is a “must” for all people. Naturally, this consideration/reputation will increase more and more with personal branding efforts

Show method: Our attitudes take form with our thoughts. Starting point is again, the person himself.

Be helpful: He emphasised, a person will be useful by branding for both himself and his environment.

Marketing power: He said: “Don’t withdraw into your shell, be on the stage, always present yourself by discovering your strong and weak features and advertise yourself.

Trend effect: It is producing by people and attracting all life and we are following. But “human is human” , it is not trend or fashion.

He marked an new era with his messages.  A lot of boks and articles are written about this topic with different perceptions. And it still goes on.

How is your perception, thinks this topic?

Thanks a lot and best regards to Tom Peters.