What Does The Future Hold For The Video Game Industry?

Video games have been around in some shape or form since the 1970s. Back then, games were usually quite simplistic when compared to today’s standards. The graphics, controls and functionality would all seem very basic compared to what we have now. With the advance of technology, games have become more sophisticated, offering better graphics, more interesting and realistic story lines, as well as becoming more interactive overall.

The reason as to why games have become more advanced over time is not really due to lack of creativity or programming ability in the past. Consider the fact that many of the programming languages used to create games today have been around for many decades. It is rather the advancement of the hardware used to play the games which has greatly helped. For example, iPhone Game Development is in full swing right now thanks to the growing use of Apple’s iPhone smart phone by people.

One thing that has changed in video games is that games, no matter on which platform they run, have become a lot more interactive and games that have an online multiplayer or co-operative mode have become much more popular. Online connectivity is becoming a standard feature of gaming consoles, which is something that was quite rare in the past decade. Mobile gaming has changed a lot too. Previously, portable gaming consoles were the favorite of those who wanted to play games on the go. Now that smart phones are more used, they have become the mobile gaming platform of choice for many. Smart phones combine the features of a communications device and a small computer, which eliminates the need for the user to carry different devices to do different things. It also explains why mobile game development like Android Game Development is something that is done by many gaming companies, who otherwise only created games for consoles or the PC.

Graphics in the games have become far more advanced and realistic thanks to the availability of ever more powerful hardware which can render beautiful 3D graphics and also due to the many graphics tools and programs available right now to game developers big and small. Game graphics have become much more realistic and life like. Even if we look back 10 years ago, we can see that the graphics in video games would seem simple and “cartoonish” by today’s standards. Companies that do game art services are doing a tremendous job at creating video game graphics that aim to replicate what you would see in the real world.

With the emergence of new and ever more advanced gaming platforms, we can predict that games will be more sophisticated in terms of playability and graphics, plus that they will increasingly make use of the internet to be played. In fact, online games that are played through the browser are already starting to rival with many games that come for consoles or that need to be installed on a PC.