What Has Greg Chappell to Say on The Indian Defeat in Australia



Greg Chappell was a great Australian player and the Coach of the indian team  3 years back.  Unfortunately his stint with the Indian team was not a success and he had to bow out. But with defeats in Australia and England there is no harm in listening to what he says. We must remember all inputs must be taken to formulate  a plan to rejunevate Indian Cricket. Too long we have languished in the 1936 mode and now have suffereda 0-7 defeat.

We must remember that Greg Chappell  during his  stint with the Indian team had suggested a gradual  phasing out of the senior players like Dravid, Laxman and Tendulkar. I wonder what was wrong with that. The result is there for all to see and we have no bench strength and the reason Chappell had to go was this suggestion, which was not at all to the liking of the senior players, who wanted to continue playing for India and pile up personal records, India winning be dammed. To top it we  have a selection Committe which has  no test player of standing in its ranks and as such has no spine to stand up for India  against the senior players. Even the Chairman K Shrrikant has only about 2000 runs in test cricket and certainly not a patch on the old timers.

Chappell has also suggested that the senior players have a shelf life like any goods and the seniors in the Indian team have outlived their utilty.  One of them may yet hit a century, but is that what we  want as cricket lovers? Another century by a old timer and yet we lose.

His observation about Tendulkar is telling. He feels the batsman is a shadow of his old self and though he has played some knocks they are not match winning and more important he has blocked the page of aspiring younsters who have as yet not been blooded.

The bottom line is victory in any sport. We do not play to perpetually lose and just bask in the sun of personal records. The entire selection process stinks. May be there is a strong nexus of the advertisers and the players. Big bucks are involved and it’s a vicious circle.  Some body will have to break the  gilded cage.