What I Think About Poem

     Writing a poem requires skill and talent.  Some people never realise they have that talent until after they wrote one.  I like reading poem, trying to understand the meaning behind it.  And I even try writing a poem, but the problem is I do not really know how to write a good poem.  I really wanted to write it skillfully.  I do not know much of the flowery languages, metaphor, complex mixing of words and sentences that people always used in a poem.  Usually, if I am writing one, I just write it without too much thinking, I do not care much about the art of languages I’m using.  I write based on my emotion.  What do I feel at that moment, because that will be the most ideal time I feel like writing.  I put my heart into it.  So, my poem will be influenced by my emotions and mood.  Either happy, sad, angry, stress or whatever I feel.  There must be a strong feeling and urge inside me to express something, then only I can write.  

             There are a few poems which impressed me and making me interested in poetry.  I remember learning literature years ago.  We learned about a poem titled ‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow ‘ which was written by William Shakespeare.  I might not fully understand the meaning of this poem but I do not know why I remember the poem very well at that time.  And every verses keep lingering in my mind.

Simply say, I like words and language of poems eventhough I do not really get the meaning.

Somehow I feel my heart can feel it even though my brain could not interpret it.  As long as I feel…

Another poem which interests me titled ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost.

These are the first two verses of the poem:

‘ Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both ‘ .

        This poem is about a life’s decision making.  There are two options,in which both are really different.  We will never know what each choices will bring us to.  And we also feel sorry that we could not explore both.  We must make only once choice and our choice will determines our destiny.  How our life would be like, the challenges, hardship and everything.  Making a big decision is surely a tough task.  Sometime in the way, we have a doubt that we should ever come back.  Ages after that, when we look back and think about the past, we realise that our choice has made all the differences and made who we are today.

        So, this poem turns me into a deep thinking. What if I choose the wrong path or make a wrong decision? Because each decision that I make have an impact in my whole life, my surrounding and I might never be able to turn back.  But, as I realised now, everything that has happened has its own reason and value which I might never notice or appreciate.  God knows what is the best for me.  So, I thankful to Allah and pray to Him so that I will become tougher and stronger in the journey of my own life..