What Is A Botnet And How To Protect Yourself From Them.

A Robotic Network (Botnet) is a group of computers that have been taken over, and controlled remotely, by another computer.  One easy way to tell if your computer or laptop is infected with a Botnet is to check your email’s Sent folder, to see if there are any emails sent from your computer that you did not send yourself.  The best way to avoid a Botnet infection is to have up-to-date security, malware and firewall protection installed and running at all times on your computer or laptop.

Even though some of the better Internet security packages seem rather expensive, especially when there are so many free types, having a security program that is designed specifically to catch Botnets and stop them in their tracks is the best method of securing your computer, your finances, and those of your contacts, and their contacts, from Botnet threats.

Once inside your computer, the Botnet will start to create a list of all of the contacts in the computers that it has infected, in order for the originating computer to have more email addresses to send nefarious emails to.  Botnets will also do “key logging”, recording the keystrokes that an infected computer user makes, trying to get passwords, bank account and credit card information, and other personal information that they can use to perform identity thefts.  The danger is very real, and extreme, and knowing the best ways to avoid being the victim of a Botnet infection could very well save you, and the people on your contacts lists, a lot of money in the end.

Microsoft offers free downloads that will help to protect your computer from newer and more invasive threats to your security, so you should have your operating system (OS) set to download and install any and all security patches and fixes that Microsoft sends out.  If you use a wireless router, even though they have their own security built in, you should have a specialized security package, like Norton 360, installed and running on your computer and/or laptop at all times.

Store bought (or, purchased over the Internet) security software packages have frequent patches and fixes sent directly to your security system each and every time you turn it on, while logged onto the Internet.  Using freeware, or computer security programs that are free to download and use from the Internet will not alleviate the problem, and it can actually exacerbate the Botnet problem.

Use common sense when approaching websites that you are not familiar with, as many are just covers for nefarious actions, like installing worms, Trojan horses and Botnets onto your computer.  Avoiding Botnets at all costs can save your computer from being overtaken, as well as your friends, family and other people on your contact lists’ computers.

So, install a good security program, like Norton, Kaspersky, or others, and make sure that you turn the automatic updates installation option on.  You can also subscribe to an Internet security company, but with that you are relying on them staying in business, and buying a security package from a company that is not well established can be risky.

Browse the Internet securely, install a security program with Botnet protection today!