What is a Micro-Sd Card?

If you know what a regular SD card is (you know, the kind that goes into cameras and computers) then skip to the next paragraph.  If you have no clue what an SD or micro SD card is, read on.  A micro SD card is a small memory card about the size of your smallest finger nail.  They typically hold anywhere from 1-16GB of data and can be used incellphonesmedia players and other small devices.  You can also use them with computers and cameras if you have a micro-SD to SD adaptor.

A SD card is pretty much just a bigger version of a micro SD card (slightly larger than your big toe nail) and is used in larger devices such as computers.  On the other hand a micro SD card is a smaller version, so it can fit in smaller devices.

Above is a micro SD card alongside a micro SD adaptor (which is the same size as a regular SD card).  The adaptor allows micro SD cards to fit into devices that only take regular SD cards – like computers and digital cameras.

So what are the advantages of bigger SD cards when you could just use smaller ones?  Well, there are two factors to consider here:

1.  Because of their smaller size, micro SD cards are limited to 16GB of data, while SD cards can reach much higher levels, such as 32GB or even 64GB!

2.  SD cards are cheaper to make, and therefore have a cheaper shelf price.  Because, as we all know, its more expensive to make compact devices!

Thanks for reading!