What is diabetes

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a condition that happens when people have high glucose in their blood stream. It could be from genetics or poor health. It could be from food induced or over weight problems. Diabetes can be controlled with medication if it’s type II diabetes. Type II is more controllable than type I since type I is a genetic factor. Type II diabetes can be from excessive weight, poor health, or high sugar intake. If the patient lowers the factors in type II then their condition can be controlled. If they have type I, it can be controlled with medication too.

Surgery is an option for type II diabetes. A lot of people with type II diabetes have weight issue and if they remove their abdominal fat, their condition will be less severe. Abdominal fat prevent insulin from doing its job. Diabetes can be life threatening. Once you have diabetes, you have to be on medication. It doesn’t really go away unless you’re type II who dropped a lot of weight or had surgery. You might still see glucose problem because your pancreas might not be working well. It’s a problem with the pancreas. The pancreas might not be producing enough insulin or the cells are not responding to insulin.

The liver can also produce excessive glucose if the person has Hepatitis or virus infection. Diabetes can be control with medication. If you have diabetes, you will need to get to a doctor and let them prescribe medication to you. Once you have the medication, you can control your glucose level. If you’re a diabetic, it’s best to not eat food that is high in glucose. Your condition will exacerbate if you eat sugary food. You will need to know the kind of food that you should avoid and the kind of food that you can eat. Your doctor can show you the menu. It’s important to eat right so that your sugar level won’t rise. You will need to check for blood sugar level daily and at the right time so it’s accurate.