what is eczema?

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What is eczema?

eczema is the name if inflamed skin, the most common name is atopic dermatitas, although most of the population with eczema clear up at certain ages. atopic eczema come and go, no one knows the cause of it but we know that something abnormal is happening in the immune system. Sometimes it is caused by allergies and usually is often related to your family if your family had eczema of severe allergies. Very luckily unlike flu’s, eczema is not contagious but till recently it can’t be cured by medicine or vaccination. Eczema feels like you have leather covering you, most of the eczema is red and for some people it just grows in a certain area. Eczema is known as the “itch that rashâ€. The worst condition of eczema is when it oozes, or more worst is when you scratch it and pop the inflammation. Then it might get infected with other diseases such as fungi, bacterial infection, or the rare case viral infection. When eczema flare-up, the victim will get very itchy so please try any anti itch pills or some antihistamines. Often people who has eczema have allergic rhinitis, asthma or hay fever or have there relatives who do have eczema or these conditions. If you were born with eczema, don’t worry because most people between age 5-15 they will improve greatly.

If you have eczema, i know how its like because i have experienced it myself. The one thing you must think about is that you are NOT ALONE. Many people have it, 10 percent of the world have it, anyway here are some tips:

  1. do not use soap, use QV wash or anything that does not harm your skin
  2. do not take showers daily ( if you have to then make sure its short)
  3. this is the most important, DO NOT SCRATCH!!!
  4. Use moisturizers daily, beware so not use any chemical mixed moisturizers such as aveno
  5. where old socks at night with a rubber band around it, to ensure that you don’t scratch at night
  6. if you have severe eczema (atopic dermatitas) then use hydrocortisone, the weakest steroid cream.
  7. use antihistamine tablets (zyrtec)if you think all of the above doesn’t work
  8. make sure you do enough sport to ensure that your immunize system stayed well enough to fight
  9. strangely, the sun actually is a very good source for your skin, because it has aloe vera that helps skin problems, but don’t get carried away and get sun burnt.
  10. the other good minerals are vitamin E, aloe vera(suggested), zinc, protein and omega 3 fishgrey_loader.gifoil.
  11. do not get stressed or else the eczema might flare-up or become more red.
  12. last but not least, if a small pimple comes up with a dot in the middle or yellowish, see doctor immediately because you might have got a viral infection or bacterial infection.