What is Office Automation?


It may be a written, visual or an audio data. Office automation usually involves data centers, common servers, LAN, server rooms for better connectivity and also to simplify and automate the activities in an office or a group of people.

Tools for office automation

Office automation includes computer hardware and software accessible in different applications and configurations. Ms-Dos and Apple Macintosh are two basic microcomputer platforms. Office automation tools may be detached or can be networked (with such access). Configuring a complex office system to distribute information is complicated and occupies a significant staff dedication. In broader sense office automation involves computer aided tools for better working of the office. Novell NetWare and Lantastic are some of the popular local area network software providers.

Practical workplace concerning office automation frequently involves the finances and substantial contemplations involved with producing, swapping, and managing information. It also involves paraphernalia, rewiring, guidance, safety measures, and data entry that cost money and necessitate space. Medical problems such as repetitive motion syndrome are noteworthy issues for several people with office automation systems.

Evolution of Multifunction Office Automation Devices

Many productive businesses, whether in creating or managing data processing look forward to business automation systems as it involves both processes and equipment become automatically controlled. Smaller businesses and offices face challenges in various distinct areas as they move to a more technology based milieu. The basic usage of automation in offices nowadays is for storage of data, exchange of data and data management. With each of these processes carried out by automation, it requires both hardware and software combine to perform in tandem.

The other major concerns involved in office automation are to increase the productivity of clerical and managerial staff. With the office costs nearly double in the last decade, there is also increase in the number of office staff in the managerial berth. With the increase in the office staff the problem arising in communicating as the complexity of communication has increased. Information processing now involves technology and has increased complexity. Office automation helps in decreasing the complexity and improved conversations.

At this time, home automation is on the rise. Regulars are integrating automation to augment security, safety, expediency, access to information, energy managing and additional functions at enormous rate. The progress of complicated integrated systems though not happening at the equal pace as market diffusion of key products like security systems. It is apparent that customers are engrossed in specific benefits to a certain extent than features.