What is Truth?: How to Define Truth In Your Life

“Truth when broken down into its basic elements comprises of Logic, Common Sense and Circumstantial Evidence. Logic is the principles of reasoning, especially of the structure of propositions as distinguished from their content and of method and validity in deductive reasoning.   Common sense is sound judgement.  Circumstantial evidence is relating to, or dependent on circumstances or physical evidence.  All three elements have to coincide with each other for it to be the truth.” This quote is from an author by the name of William Bramley. I can not endorse any of his work, for I simple as of yet have not engaged any of it.  Yet when I came across the statement above of his, I found it profound. It revealed to me the truth behind the seeking of how to help determine what truth is in one’s life during day to day operations that includes; relationships with friends, co-workers, lovers and or mates.  His statement is truth manifested. It is no doubt in the power of those words and can be utilized as a reference point for various aspects of one’s communication.

The power of communication is not understood in depth by most people who do not study the art.  Everyone uses communication from the moment they come out of the womb until their last breath.  It is the subtleties and out right boisterous voicing of each person that is part of communication.  There are truths in everything we say and do, and “you can not not communicate” is the motto of communication arts.  it is impossible to not communicate because there is a definition, a explanation and clarification in everything we do or express; physically or verbally. Of course there are ways to enhance our communications. For a few simple ways how, refer to my article, Communication Arts: How to Communicate Effectively.  Truth comes out of our communications.

Discovering truth in animate objects is easy.  A thing is solid, hollow colorful or not, long, tall, square; the picture of finding truth in these things is obvious.  We can generally explain truthfully or not what a substance is made up of through the knowledge we have of it through the ages.  When it comes to determining the truth of a person and or a relationship, it can only be determined by logic, common sense and circumstantial evidence, as William Bramley eloquently puts it to help determine a truth.  By deductive reasoning, unless one vehemently sets up their personality to be a lie, some truth can be determined about who a person is, their capabilities, likes, dislikes and when it comes to relationships, the potentials of it.

History of a person’s lifestyle for instance is a wonderful determining factor of their truth.  If a person is comfortable for instance of living in squalor, it is not likely that one can expect them to ever live in a neat house.  If you are a neat person and romantically involved with a person who is like that, this is a truth that you must contend with and ask questions of yourself as to if it is or is not an issue you are willing to accept as truth about the person.  Another example would be the family arrangement of a person.  If someone you are having affections or you have grown to love for a year or more and you always come last to everything in their life, it could be that you are still growing on them. To find the truth of their communication with you is simply you are not high on their responsibilities and or interest could lie in the deductive reasoning of reviewing their family history and or relating in previous relationships.

The more accessible way of researching a person’s personally history for most individuals is and have a reference point as to who they are and being able to know where you truthful rank in their life is to look closely at the design of their family life for the past twenty years or more if they are older than twenty years of age.

Questions to ask are where have the previous men or women in their lives who they claimed to have loved ranked? What is the ranking system in their lives within their immediate family?  Is there a matriarch, a patriarch, a sister, a brother, brother and sister-in laws, ex- wive(s), ex-husbands, best friends, children, cats, dogs and fish that seriously come first most of the time before you? If so, you can logically predict it is a pattern that will not be broken and indeed a truth that you will always be last in line. It is also circumstantial evidence that there is truth that your position in their life will not change.  If there is not any children between the two of you, should you have any, there is a possibility that it will only get worse for one of two reasons:

a)  they will feel you have responsibility and could let your new found duty fulfill their neglect of communication to you or b) the child and or children may now also come before you.

This is especially true of men who fall into the category of the personal history types explained above and this truth is short of common sense by way of examining both circumstantial evidence and using logic to help determine the lifestyle of the person.  To help determine truth, one need look no further than communication of sorts.

The eyes is said to be the windows of the soul.  This is both being scientifically studied and being used in employment research and in the study of employees.  There are already agencies, companies and corporations using eye recognition for establishing characteristics and personalities.  How people use eye movement does indeed tell truth. Twenty or thirty years ago, it may have been easier to study techniques to fool someone in conversation through one’s eye movement, but with the onset of intelligent computers, the reading of the eyes is far more sophisticated in determining truth.  Never the less for the human eye to eye contact, sadness, happiness, confusion, trustworthiness or not can still be seen somewhat in watching closely the eyes in a conversation.  A lie can basically been found in a liar who inadvertently will look to the left and down when in conversation, fishing for an answer.  It is a response far different than one searching for data to add to communicating a thought who often will look up and to the right almost as if reminiscing when speaking.  Scratching in a conversation, especially the arms can often indicate a person is uncomfortable in what is being discussed. It is a good determinate when deciding whether to pull away or moving sternly ahead to find an answer to a truth from say a child or lying lover.

Defining truth is incumbent in that which makes logical sense.  Logically for instance if a woman is grooving a man needs to get moving.  He can not for instance be deficient in certain social skills if she is deeply involved in being social.  In addition, if he has not been educated in school beyond a high school equivalency or high school diploma and she is attending school in the field of communication and or other social or medical field, truth is he and their relationship will benefit through his willingness and initiating to upgrade his communication skills.  He may or may not be college material, but going to college does not have to be an answer.  Simple becoming familiar with some aspect of social science could truthfully help strengthen their relating as she continue her education.  Books are easy to come by and an enormous amount of information is online through video and hardcopy, not to mention TV programming. The same goes for the reversal of that scenario or as another example if a woman involves herself with a professional man.

It may not have mattered when he choice to get involved with the woman, but it certainly is a truth that becoming more professional thinking and active in subtle ways will help improve communication and truth between the too.  It is not about being a scholar or business executive, but gaining communication skills that help to deeper and better communication; a truth to aiding in acquiring intimacy and ultimately deeper respect and love.  Going without being said is the theory applies to any two people romantically involved in and or from any sexual orientation.  It is an equation in relating that is true as if something is hot and touched with an uncovered hand:  it will burn.  If one is exhausted they need get sleep as in if one has no work or skill, they must obtain some type of skill to get work. Skills go hand and hand with communication and truth is in communication which is the defining factor in life as to finding out what makes truth real and determinable.