What Really Makes Men Cheat On Their Wife Or Partner?

Infidelity also known as cheating is a violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules or boundaries of an intimate relationship. Infidelity studies show that men are more likely than women to have a sexual affair, regardless of whether or not they are in a marriage or in a dating relationship. For example fifty United Kingdom divorce lawyers were asked to name the most common causes of their cases in 2003, for most extra marital affairs, 55% said it was usually the husbands and 45% said it was the wives who cheated. Now lets look at this issue:

    What really makes men cheat on their Wife or Partner? 

  •   Men say sex at home is just boring:  Men often seek sexual excitement outside of their relationships, because they like to try new things in the bedroom, new positions along with several partners(due to their need for been sexually adventurous).  
  •   Sexual Addiction: Men sometimes have very high sex drives, which might lead eventually to infidelity, at times men are unwilling to admit that they desire a lot of sex from their partners, so they might decide to to seek it elsewhere.
  •  His partner just isn’t physically attractive anymore:  Men often say at times their partners do not make themselves look physically attractive enough for them or that they don’t stimulate or excite them as they use to. 
  •  Men say the thrill of the chase stimulates them:  These men are obsessed with sexual opportunity, not sex, they love the idea of a challenge that they will try to obtain the most unavailable or most challenging women.
  •  Men cheat because they know they can:  Men will often cheat on their partners because they know that they will be able to get away with it. They often do this if they have a vulnerable partner that is needy or overly dependent on them.
  •  He says “I just don’t love my wife anymore“:  At times men say that they just don’t love their partners any more, they say the chemistry as gone, that there is no more sexual attraction.
  • Men say they cheat to get even:  At times men cheat specifically to hurt or get-back at his partner or wife. This individual chooses to cheat so that he can hurt or spite his partner, without any consideration for his partners feelings. 
  • Men often want to prove to themselves that they “still got it“: At times some men will try to prove their self worth by cheating on his partner, this might be due to his low self esteem, he wants to prove he “still got it”.
  •  Men will cheat if they are not getting enough sex at home:  Men say they cheat at times, due to lack of sexual activity in their relationships, so they seek this elsewhere.
  •  Men say it hard to say no, to women who make offers:  Men sometimes meet women who offer themselves to them, men say its hard to turn down such opportunities, if it presents itself.

 Men will cheat for various reasons, perhaps due to their low self esteem. Men were never really socialize in  similar ways like women were. As women we were taught to speak about our feelings and to seek intimate relationships in order to better understand ourselves, Unfortunately men were never really taught how to properly express what they are feeling with their partners in their relationships. Hence they cheat to satisfy their unfulfilled emotional needs. If you wish to add more reasons as to why men cheat, feel free to add them to your comments, thanks for reading…