What The Precautions Are Required While French Kissing

What the precautions are required while French kissing

Awadhesh Kishore


French kiss is a big moment to joy on date. Select private and secured place. Maintain good oral hygiene, and acceptable breath. Make butterfly kisses at the stomach of you girlfriend to remove anxiety and hesitation. Add some variety into it. Do not wait for too long. Start slowly and slowly before speeding.


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French kiss is a big moment; nobody will tolerate to lose it. At the time of French kiss the breath is most important factor which you should consider. The considerations are more important if you are going for the first time with you girlfriend for a date.

1. Private place:

A kiss is always a private matter. It should never be performed at a public place. You should select a place for it totally private and secured place. Any disturbance at the moment may alter the change the taste of the occasion to be bitter.

2. Breathe quality:

You should take some precautions while going for a date to improve your breath quality. If you do not care these important considerations, it is possible that you girl friend denies for French kiss, and the moment will not be enjoyable.

You should consider your practices regarding maintenance of good oral hygiene.

You should brush your teeth after each meal.

You should use a good quality mouth freshener; before you start for a date, it will attract your girlfriend for a French kiss.

You should not use onions, garlic and other smelly foods in your diet.

You should make sure of having acceptable breath for the big occasion.

3. Anxiety and hesitations:

If you or your girl friend is going first time for French kiss, it is advisable that you should not go directly for this type of kissing. The reason is very simple, that most of us at our kiss some type of anxiety or hesitation is there. It is very simple to overcome the situation. You should go to brand some butterfly kisses at the stomach of you girl friend. Thus you will be able to remove all of anxiety and hesitation of kissing. Now you and your girl friend can enjoy magic moments of French kiss. You should not be worried for the hesitation and anxiety because it sure if the things are started, that will come to the end without any anxiety whatsoever.

4. Add some variety:

French kiss itself is a powerful measure to express your feelings and sentiments of love. It is very much joyful. In spite of this you, if you add some variety it will increase the joy.

5. Do not wait for too long:

You should not wait for too long before kissing when you and your girlfriend both are in mood to enjoy French kiss. It will be very much uncomfortable for both of you if you wait for too long. Possibly you may miss the opportunity without having enjoyed.

6. Follow the basics:

You should start slowly and slowly. Before coming to the French kiss you should horn the other things what you and you girlfriend like. Joy is a matter of personal preferences. Now you can be faster in your action.

7. Final step:

Once you start to enjoy French kiss, forget all the things. Now it depends upon you and your girlfriend, how to perform it. Within no time you and your girlfriend will understand what can to do while making kiss for increasing more and more pleasure.

Wish you very happy and joyful French kissing.