What These 20 Celebrities Spent Their First Paychecks On Is Absolutely Bizarre

Imagine you suddenly got a million dollars, Would you spend it all at once in  a private jet? Would you save it for the future? Anyway, this is just a hypothetical situation for most of us, but not for stars after they receive their first paycheck.
These celebrities spent their first paychecks in the most oddly way. Some of them used the money to pay just the necessary, while others made decided to get as much luxury as possible. Do you think you could have fun shopping with any of them?

#20. Johnny Depp’s Kentucky Horse Farm

Photo: Courtesy of Country Living Magazine

Who else than Jack Sparrow to spend his treasure wisely? After the big hit of 21 Jump Street  he bought a horse farm in Kentucy for his mother.  And he is not the only star who played the role of the dutiful son, check slides #19 and #11!

#19. Shaquille O’Neal, A Family Guy

Photo: Courtesy of boredomth.erapy

In 1992, after signing his first contract, he bought cars for his entire family and paid off their debts, he also acquired lots of jewelry. He certainly knew how to spend a million dollars.

#18. Rupert Grint and The Ice Cream Truck

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

Not only did Rupert got himself an ice cream truck, he brought it to the set on the last day of filming. He had promised himself he would while filming Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone and he actually did stand by his words.

#17. Brie Larson and Her Electric Guitar

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

We might know Brie as the successful actress she is today, but let’s not forget her beginnings as a pop singer! She did honor her love for music by buying an electric guitar with her first paycheck.

#16. Kerry Washington, The Austere Decision of Buying a Laptop

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

After receiving her paycheck from Save the Last Dance, Kerry hid it under her mattress. However, she could not live without her electronic devices – Who could?- and spent it on a nice laptop.

#15. Nicole Kidman and The Essential Washing Machine

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

Nicole, a practical woman, kept her feet on the ground and spent her first paycheck on a washing machine, by the photo we might assume that a hairdo was another thing on her list, too.

#14. Jennifer Lopez, a Brand New Mercedes.

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

After receiving her first paycheck for her role in In Living Color, J-Lo bought herself a Mercedes, quite a plot twist for a girl who had to sell a Honda which her ex boyfriend had given to her because she couldn’t afford to keep it. Would it surprise you to know she was not the only one having financial troubles for a car? Check #4!

#13. Brad Pitt, a Furniture Lover

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

Brad decided to spend his first paycheck on furnishings for his apartment, he had to live as the star he was. A stereo, a Craftsman chair and a “Frank Lloyd Wright- wannabe” lamp were some of the additions he made to his apartment.

#12. Serena Williams, a Thoughtful Saver

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

A winner as Serena knows exactly what to do in the court and out of it. Immediately after  receiving her tennis winnings, she put them in the bank. But nobody’s perfect, and Serena tried to deposit it in the drive-through window.

#11. Selena Gomez and The Family Rent

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

Selena’s family had to move to LA for her to participate from Barney and Friends, so her first paychecks were used to cover the rent of her family.

#10. Tiffany Haddish, Candy Woman

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

Tiffany’s first paycheck was only of  $120, but dazzled as a little kid, she spent all of it on candy. That’s a big appetite and a great decision! Apparently, food is the Achilles’ heel of many stars, and #9, #6 and #7 are a proof of it.

#9. Matt LeBlanc honours Joey with a Hot Meal

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

Before his first paycheck, Matt had only $11 on his bank account, so after being paid, Matt went for a nice hot meal to celebrate. It does not come as a surprise that LeBlanc was the perfect choice to interpret  Joey.

#8. Courtney Cox and her New Car

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

Courtney, who decided not to make such a simple purchase as LeBlanc, got herself a new car right after the pilot was aired. It is not hard to imagine her listening to Dancing in the Dark on her way home.

#7. Dave Grohl and a House in North Carolina

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

When Nevermind hit big, Nirvana’s drummer Dave Grohl, bought a house in North Carolina were he only cooked barbecues. Well, he loves drumsticks no matter what.

#6. Kelly Rowland, Host of a Feast

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

The moment Destiny’s Child succeeded, Kelly Rowland hosted a feast for her friends. She served all kinds of fancy food her family couldn’t afford when she was younger. Not everything is about paying bills, and this girl knows it.

#5. Rami Malek, Coffee Lover

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

In case you didn’t know, Rami Malek loves coffee. In fact, when he received his paycheck for Mr. Robot, he bought an espresso machine. That explains why he always looks so wide awake!

#4. Chris Rock, a Corvette and a Surprise

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

Chris Rock got himself a Corvette. Yes, it’s Chris Rock we’re talking about, not Jerry Seinfeld!  What he did not consider at the time, was that he would also have to pay taxes on the sports car, but he did manage to pay off the debt in which he got himself.

#3. Ariel Winter, Emancipated with a Closet Full of Shoes

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

The Modern Family star used her first paycheck to buy enough shoes as to fill her closet. Of course she had access to her earnings because she had managed to be emancipated as a teenager.

#2. Colin Kaepernick, a Selfless Act

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

Kaepernick, in a selfless act, decided that he would not spend all his paycheck on himself and, instead, he gave it away to Camp Taylor, a charity that aids children with heart disease.

#1. America Ferrera and a Used Mitsubishi

Photo: Courtesy of boredomtherapy

Tired of years of going by bus or even walking to every audition, once America received her first paycheck she spent it on a used Mitsubishi that could take her to every corner of LA.