What to do if your Child Ingests Silica Gel

I feel equipped to write on this topic because I have lived through this situation. Toddlers are a handful and you can’t keep an eye on them every minute of every day. At the age of 23 months my daughter ingested silica gel beads and as soon as I realized this I began to panic. My first reaction was to go to the hospital however I thought it would be better to call the doctor instead. Here is what you need to do if you experience that same situation.

The first thing you need to do is relax. Panicking is not going to help you out. Wash the child’s mouth and remove all the residue of the gel. The gel is not toxic or poisonous so you need not worry. Try and induce vomiting. If your child throws up you will be assured that you have been able to get rid of all the ingested substance.

After you have washed the child’s mouth thoroughly you must offer the child water or juice. Drinking water will help the child to eliminate the unwanted substance from the body. Ensure that the child eats a heavy meal in order to have a good bowel movement. Elimination of the substance from the body is very important.

The child may suffer from diarrhea a few hours after ingesting the silica gel. Do not worry; this is the body’s natural reaction to an unwanted substance. Let the child have a few bowel movements but ensure that the child is well hydrated in order to prevent dehydration.

Though it is not necessary you must call the child’s pediatrician and inform him about the episode and all the steps that you have taken from the time the child ingested the substance. Explain any reactions that you notice in the child. If the child begins to show signs of fever, change in skin color or reddening of the eye you need to rush to the emergency room.

Keep a close eye on the child for 24 hours and note any changes in diet, energy levels or reflexes.