What to Do When a Virus is Detected?

An updated antivirus system must be our topmost priority if we are connected to a network or share files with other computer systems. If the detected virus is left intact, then the valuable files and folders may be lost in just a few seconds. So, when an antivirus detects a virus in the system or you yourself detect a possible virus infection using the symptoms of virus infection, then some particular steps must be followed, otherwise the virus detection will be in vein.

First of all, disconnect your computer with any network if present by unplugging the network cable.

If any updated virus is installed, then run a virus scan of all the drives.

Advice users of other computers on the local network to scan their systems, as the virus could spread through the network to other machines.

If the infection is mild and you do not have an antivirus installed, then you can opt for an online scan from some good websites.

If no antivirus is installed or even if installed and you are not able to handle it, then do not keep the computer on. Shut it down using proper shut down process. If it is kept on unnecessarily, then the virus may infect more of your files and programs. So, it is better to shut it down and call an expert who can handle the situation.

If the antivirus is not working properly after detecting infection, then restart the computer in safe mode. To do this, restart the machine and start pressing F8. This will give you some options. One of them will be to turn on in “Safe Mode”. Select that option and press enter. Now, try to scan the machine using the antivirus here. Maximum chances are that it will work properly.

Do not share any CD/DVD that was burnt when the computer was infected. At first scan them, then give it to others.

So, whenever your machine gets infected, do not panic. Just follow these steps and remember to keep your antivirus updated.