What to Wear to an Interview Women

How do I know which dress to wear at a job interview for women?

It is necessary to inquire in advance about the company codes. In fact, if you have been selected for your CV, we also show in the interview that you understand the codes of the profession and the company itself. Specifically, if the position is coveted in the banking sector, finance and justice , should be held to be classic in line with the world of seriousness and rigor a women. Choose to wear tailleurde and dark, white shirt, high heels and fine jewelry. For positions in the social , medical, computer or affecting the world of childhood, we put more on the convenience and comfort. Would be best to avoid cutting too classic clothes and opt for comfortable materials, natural colors and for reassuring in pastel shades. For careers in communication and advertising that are professions of “seduction” may wear uniforms most original, colorful. Similarly for artistic professions where the tailor classic is discouraged and where you can venture some creativity. However, remember not to overdo it because you’ll probably received by the HR and not by the creative itself. Finally, if you are applying for a commercial station , the tailor is recommended. Choose it in dark colors if the station is located in the commercial insurance field or automotive industry for example, but in colors more gays if it is a commercial station in the food by example.

Do certain clothes or accessories are to be avoided, the women jeans for example?

Again, it depends on the position but it is strongly recommended to avoid too sexy clothes such as miniskirts, plunging necklines, fishnet stockings. This is also valid for hair and makeup that should remain natural, sober. You’re there for your skills and not for a fashion show! The same applies to perfume, you will use it sparingly. Finally, contrary to popular belief, wear jeans is not necessarily frowned upon. Thus, in the field of communication, advertising, medical and social, you can quite consider wearing jeans during your interview. Otherwise, avoid backpacks, briefcases and pens the school too.

One last tip for the best that day?

For  women what is important is to be yourself and therefore do not dress up. Customize your outfit with your personality. If for example you are very athletic, you never wear a skirt … avoid the strict tailoring, find an outfit that will be more in tune with your style, otherwise it is noted. It must first feel good and be comfortable in his clothes and especially since it’s a fairly stressful time. Finally, please take a little time choosing your outfit for an outfit that is well chosen as Winning with the recruiter

If you are unsure of what to wear, so ask. First ask a friend you do not want to look stupid before you’ve even interviewed. Otherwise, give them a call

Make sure you are weare that is comfortable

Stay calm. The pressure will make you sweat, do not exacerbate it

Think about the image that you wear and how this project is part of the role you are going to

For the majority of interviews if you are a man and a suit and tie will be fine. Trying to make a suit and tie are clean, fit and sober color. You do not want what you wear to distract attention from the interviewer. You do not want to be remembered as the guy with the tie sunflower.

For women then you have a little more size, which can be a bonus, but can also make life more difficult. Another smart suit is probably the best idea. However, the cut of the suit can project very different images. A pant suit with a wide collar shirt can be found as hard, giving you the impression of being stern and unapproachable. It can work in certain environments. However, the holding softening slightly by wearing a round neck top under suit jacket can be a good compromise that is both intelligent, but not too hard.

Although this should not matter how you view will influence the employment decisions. In most positions, there will be times when you represent the company to customers, they do not want someone working for them, which is not presentable and potential embarrassment. The investigator may also involve sloppy dress, sloppy work with and a lack of motivation, no larger outlets to one interviewee.