What Would be The Likely Consequences of Not Holding The Meeting?

Effective meetings are the ones that have been properly planned. It takes time to think out the right way to tackle a meeting to make sure that:-

The right objectives are set;

The right people meet;

The timing is right;

The agenda covers all the right things

Setting objectives

Just as very businessman and woman needs, from time to time, to answer the question `Why am I here?’ so every meeting needs to be considered from the same questioning standpoint, `why are we all here?’ the best objective-setting questions are:-

What is this meeting intended to achieve?

What would be the likely consequences of not holding the meeting?

How can its failure or success be judged?

How can its failure or success be judged?

One thing is certain: if you do not clearly understand why you are calling the meeting, the other participants will be unsure too, and a great deal of time be wasted.

Meetings can only achieve the following definite objectives:-


*The presentation of information from a particular person that is also allows questions and feedback.

*Used for important items that requires the support of team.

*Is includes progress reports to keep the group up to date on the current status of projects.

*Used where informing each individual member separately might confuse and where written handouts are not sufficient.

Constructive –originative

*The search for new ideas or policies

*To encourage every member is of the meeting to contribute knowledge, experience and judgment.

Executive responsibilities

*The `how to put into action’ is a meeting

*Allocation of executive responsibilities for areas of is a task. 

The allocation of such responsibilities could be done outside a meeting but the following make a meeting desirable:-

The group can find the best way of achieving objectives;

Each member can understand and influence the best way in which his own job will fit in with the overall objectives of the meeting;

Forming your own action plan gets commitment; 

Volunteers will be forthcoming.

Legislative frame work

Keeping status intact

Essential in order to get commitment to any hierarchical changes made.

Helping the organization to grow and develop through change.