What You Can Do With White Eyeliner

You can do so much with white eyeliner. It can be so basic and versatile. It’s a must have for everyone. Throw it in with your concealer and your good to go. 

Brightening Your Eyes & Making Them Wide and Awake

Add some white eyeliner to your inner corners and your waterline. Adding it to your inner corners makes your eyes look a lot more open and fresh. Adding it your waterline brightens it and makes you eyes look a lot more vibrant. 


Add some of the white eyeliner to the bridge of your nose and under your eyebrows. You can also add it to other areas where the light hits. Adding it under your eyebrows will give them a lift and make them defined. You can add it to your cupid’s bow and around your lips to line it. 

A Base

This can be the base of your eyeshadow. It can be put under any eyeshadow making it brighter and making it last longer. It can make the color lighter as well. 

This can also be the base of any color eyeliner you want. You can pair it up with whatever eyeshadow and make it a color eyeliner. 

Who knew you could do with a white pencil? 

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