What’s a Wedding Without a Few Superstitions

There are probably zillions and zillions of wedding traditions and superstitions out there, but I’m going to start with just a few that were passed down in my family.  I just might ask a few friends on Facebook and even my new daughter-in-law to be if is she has a few traditions of her own. Funny, that is one topic that we haven’t discussed as of yet.

* You probably already know about the tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold, but did you know that there is a superstition that goes along with that tradition?? Apparently, if the bride stumbles as she enters her new home, it means that the new couple will be unlucky while living in that home.

* What is a wedding without confetti?? On a hot day, it might be a little annoying as the tiny dots have a tendency to stick everywhere, but there is a tradition that this can be traced back to. Before paper confetti was dreamed up, people used to throw rice at the couple, which supposedly meant many children for the happy couple. I kind of like the idea of bubbles being blown by the guests to ensure a lifetime of happy dreams.

* Love Tokens… Now this is a romantic idea that you might want to add to your list of family traditions.  I have read that it could be items that a couple give each other that could be used in their new home, but I personally like the idea of each writing a poem for each other. Both could be framed or simply inserted into the bridal photo album for generations to enjoy.

*There’s also one about  the bride and groom not seeing each other before the wedding. I didn’t pay any attention to that one and obviously it didn’t hurt us! We are closing in on our 33 wedding anniversary!

Weddings seem to be a lot like Christmas. It’s a day that just makes you feel good.

If you have any wedding superstitions, feel free to add them to the comment section.