What’s lucky for Aries?

Whatever it is you’re after, you’ll go for it, Aries and you’ll get it fast! You want immediate results always! That’s probably why the first thing that catches your eye when deciding which competitions to enter is the closing date – the sooner thebetter. The further it is away the less inspired you feel to enter.

Aries Luck and Competitions

You’re adventurous, impulsive and sometimes reckless. But because you don’t spend hours on end mulling things over, you’re good at following your hunches. Since often the first instinct turns out to be the best one, it’s certainly worth trusting your intuition. Aries is the most competitive sign of the zodiac and you do well when you pit your wits against another. Spontaneous bets are great for you but despite your love of risk, you’re unlikely to become a compulsive gambler. Mainly because you aren’t a one to stick at anything for any length of time!

Lucky Pastimes for Arians

You WANT success, Aries and you’ll try and try and try until you get it. You enjoy a good card game, quiz-nights down at your local and any form of rivalry, but it’s not just mental matches that stimulate you. Arians often do well in sporting contests too. You’re stimulated by ideas for action and adventure so, which prizes could be the lucky ones to go for? Well, anything to do with travel and the outdoors such as exotic holidays, air flights, camping equipment and sporting accessories. You aren’t one who goes in so much for antiques and old stuff. It’s the “new” that excites you. Arians like glass and gimmicks.

How Arians Can Attract Luck

You have a good sense of humour, so be sure to make good use of it when working on tiebreakers. Just remember occasionally your innate impatience can get the better of you. Sometimes so much so that you’ll have filled in all the forms, researched all the questions but failed to send in your entry because you couldn’t spend a little bit of extra time on the tiebreaker. It could be to your advantage Aries, if you were to try to develop more staying-power!

Lucky Days for Arians

What’s the best day to gamble or enter competitions? You’re ruled by the planet Mars and Tuesday is a good day for you. Nine is your lucky number. Competitions with the countries England and Germany either in the answer or in the prizes are fortunate. Likewise with the cities Naples, Florence, Krakow and Birmingham.

Lucky Mascots for Aries

Your lucky stones Aries, are diamonds are bloodstones. Again, look for competitions involving these, while your lucky metal is iron. Your lucky number is nine, and colour is scarlet. For a lucky mascot, wear a diamond brooch or silver bracelet. You’re a born competitor and you’re a born leader. Don’t give up, because with a little patience Aries, you could be a winner!