When I am Disappointed

Disappointment is an inevitable reality which eventually comes to us all, sinner or saint; even Christ was not spared from experiencing disappointment, in fact, no one on earth is immune from disappointment, even though some individuals have been mislead to believe that following a mystical path will spare us from big let downs. When life goes wrong, and most often it does, we think that by following the teaching of Christ or some reputable guru we should be granted special privileges against dilemma.

 Disappointment develops gradually into hurts and frustration which can lead to self pity, and however much we want to solve our own problems, our natural inclination is tendency is to complain, but who really wants to listen to individuals just belly aching about misfortunes, people tends to run away whenever a pity party is in progress..

But rather than taking a pessimistic outlook on life, one solution that may help to alleviate the pressure when disappointment begins to pile up and destruction seems to be knocking hard at the door, find a place to pour our your discontentment to God, and communicate with others, people may not have all the answers but they can give instruction, and God then has the power to change any situation.

Disappointment leaves a person with a spirit of heaviness, smothering the heart and suffocating joy with many piecing distraction, developing into bad tempter torn into pieces and scattering splintered parts, the ricochet encouraged bewildered arguments rising with curiosity, but by emptying the heart of the bitterness inside and immersing ourselves in regular fellowship with others we begin to get control of bold courage to post a positive fight back, and shows concern about our life”s agenda. Over a period of time we notice that people who are often let down, gradually reduces their expectation of others, especially if they are unable to shake the defeatist habit, individuals are left feeling inferior and proportionately rejected, Disappointment hurts us all deeply its more than incomplete heartbreak, but less than total disaster.

There are more emotional struggles taking place in our disappointment than when things appear to be normal. It is an interesting intersection between spirit and soul, the offbeat chisel that chips away at the naked sculptor and looks at the hidden self hurt in continued imagery, pain defines disadvantage as constantly bumping up against bad luck to advocate fiercer torment which embodies the heart in sacred rage separating inner turmoil to constructed recovery, and unique fighting passion convinces the mind that there is better luck tomorrow.

There is no separation between the interior landscape of the mind and the eternal landscape of time where the bridge to recovery is only crossable by a mediator. Foe or friend the distinction is beneficial by the method used, positive awakening will defeat the artificial distinction and filtered grace through the lens of highly valued counseling words, the deeper problem is that things are not what they seem in some cases they can be much worse than we first thought.

People who are hurting do not recover overnight, changes progress gradually descending first into the abyss of confusing despair, temporary anger resist the force making decisions by feelings, they carry around hidden tactile warning labels, chemically woven within the confines of illusions and pressing underestimated reasons crying out for daily support, faith collides with unexpected reality, and the answers to our dreams are shattered, disappointment is the natural result.

Disappointment can lead to jealous anger deeply imbedded and reinforce with challenging optimism to distort belief in others, relationship tethers on the edge of oblivion when trust has been betrayed, the one that has been betrayed nurses the wounds that are intensified when a sense of total realization comes to a persons mind, and they find no eater joy than in the presence of the sacrifice they made, life is fulfilled in all aspect of solitary dreams when disappointment has reached its zenith.

Then the beat that skipped the heart races towards the sliding doors of time. And death is a desired fulfilled precipitant calling out to a calmer haven. Disappointment is reactive with behavior of the heart, and many individuals who die as a result of a broken heart, suffers with chest pain, especially pain behind the breastbone, The pericardium is the thin membrane that surrounds the human heart and the roots of the powerful blood vessels which has an inner and outer layer with a small amount of lubricating fluid between them. When the pericardium becomes inflamed, the amount of fluid increases between layers and restrict actions, causing piercing pain with deep breath Sometimes this pain spreads to the neck and shoulders. Disappointment can cause acute pains in various parts of the human body where medication is unable to reach.

Much like the test in Jobs life, God will deliberately allow trials to come upon us, by with drawing his presence for undisclosed periods of time in order to bring about greater maturity and faith in believers. With God, all good things are possible.