When The End is Imminent

Since the day I was small..I was told I could win the world..
Only if I try hard..only if I aimed to catch that soaring bird..
They said that IMPOSSIBLE..is nothing but a perilous place..
which stillborn souls fear to tread..and wanted others not to trace..

I was made to believe in HUMAN POWER..the ingenuity of the thoughtful brain..
That how it works indefatigably.. effectively..unrestrained..
That how it powers the THOUGHTS..to derive solutions if used with sapience..
That how it could be used to control..everything and everyone with its influence..

I read about people climbing Himalayas..defying gravity and landing on the moon..
I even saw them flying planes…and I wanted to be one of them soon..
And this way I was made to believe..that human body could achieve wonders untired..
That how it can elongate to reach heights..and obliterate forces if desired..

Today..I stand in front of this BEAST..I want to stop its way but Can I??
I want to live more… I want to at least give it a try..
It’s approaching near..seething with anger..roaring with strident thunder..
I believe I can wither its rage..I can impel these soaring waves to surrender..

Because I have always believed ..that I surely can if I want..
That I must not capitulate..even if my knife is severely blunt..
My conscience fails to give up..I have so many undone dreams to behold..
Howsoever fierce and forceful it may be..I must remain undeterred..and bold..

But then when I look at these tides..they want to assimilate me with their might..
I have an unusually strange feeling of helplessness..a streak of fearsome fright..
I am thinking of a solution..but my mind has now disallowed thinking..
My body feels incapable to handle it..brooding with fear..it is shivering..

How could that be happening.. Will IT decimate me..my will..my soul..??
Even if I will stand unrestrained..to protect my dreams..to achieve my goals??
Where’s the might of the HUMAN POWER..that moved mountains and conquered the space..
Can’t it subvert a conglomeration of petty drops..rampaging at belligerent pace??

I think the answer is NO..I believe my time has come..
However skillful and inviolable I may be..I am merely a mortal human..
All my life I thought I was the strongest..but that is what I was told..
Now when I see my imminent future..my breath gets stronger..my pulse gets cold..

I could defy any thing but how could I plunge the creator of my being..?
That controlled my every minute..every breath..and all my thinking..
But if YOU dominated my heart..my mind..my body..and my soul..
Then why did YOU implanted those dreams..those ideas..and created those roles.??..
The question will linger forever..I believe the answer is something unknown..
For YOU created us to be born..play..and then die..for your RECREATION..forlorn..