Where is Your Best Place For Ultraviolet Light

With allergies and flu viruses on the rise  our outside world is a place of infections. We all go to work each and every day. We all have to go to the grocery store. And  with children we have added even more tasks to the our daily infection chores. You can beat we are in the germ world. Technology is pointing the way to  ultraviolet light for your home.  Research has shown indoor air is hundred time more pollutant then outdoors.

 With all our activates. Our children and their special interests. This makes our daily  actives  in the path of viruses and bacteria.  Our human body does a really magnificent job of protecting each and every one of us. But with so many influenza outbreak each day. We need some help to fight these microorganisms, UV light tops the list. All the chemicals in the world just won’t help unless you use this special germicidal light. And It works, that is why every State uses this technology in one way or another.

Ultraviolet light has shown to be by far the very best in our homes and offices. It is safe not only in family homes but the office. There will be no need to have harsh chemicals around. No odor like chemicals just pure air. Installing germicidal light in your air handler is the most logical place. Locating the Ultraviolet germicidal lamp inside your furnace or air duct kills germs and molds.

There are many types to chose from, the type that are rolled room to room, others mounted in your Hvac system and another will mount in the ducts.  In an offices they mount  in the corner of the waiting room.  There are so many more places, hospitals, clinics, photo and glue curing are just a few uses for UV light.

We  need quality air to breath! Using germicidal UV will control  molds, bacteria and viruses. The news reports illness getting out of control. These organisms are all  out there waiting. Airborne pathogens are on the upswing. The price tag of a doctor visits and medication are just too high. But it’s not Surprising people pay this every day. What are we to do unless we take steps to stop these bugs at home and office.

Many  reports are showing offices are operating shorthanded due to health related problems. In these hard times office managers realize how much they  need employees when they are home ill. Offices  can have ultraviolet germicidal installed in about  20 minutes. Just changing the air filter wont controlling the quality of air! But if you add UV germicidal light to your life you will see the difference day by day year after year. Reducing days missed and a much happier work force.

Your home air cleanliness is of the most important. Everyone should take advantage of this technology.  It is easy and you can install ultraviolet germicidal fixtures for yourself.  Most everyone has the basic hand tools required, “drill and bits, and a screw driver.” That’s all and for the electric just plug it in. Not only will this clean the air but it will help eliminate operating cost. By cleaning the walls of your duct and increasing air flow this reduces wear and tear on your blower motor, lowers repair cost. This is real protection for your family or place of work. Making this real a value.  Newinavations