Where to Find Countless Free And Fun Games on The Internet?


I was surfing the net and checking on what is the trend going on the Internet. In order to understand the trend on the Internet, I went to check on what are the most searched words on the Internet. It occurs to me that the word “Friv” has over 6,000 queries for the past 30 days.

I was surprised at first because I do not even know what the word means. So I went to made a search on the word and found it to be a provider of games.

Website Review

Upon accessing into Friv, there was no wordings, no explainations, no backgrounds or anything at all except a full-time filled with games icons. The game icons looks a little similiar to iPhone or iPad apps.

Currently, online games are getting more 3D and advanced as compared to previously. There will be people who are skeptical of these games, whether they are at all, fun. I would like to say, this are the games that do not require any installation or saving. No stress of getting new equipments or levelling up like some of the MMORPG games online.

I have introduced this site to my girl friends and they like it very much. Many of them are currently playing during their breaktime at work. Many people just want to have some free fun and this site is definitely the site to find fun, cute and yet simple games.

Games Review

My personal favorite games found on Friv are Rollercoaster Rush, I was Hungry, Mercenary 2, Demonition City, Movie Star, Ice City, racing game like King of Drift, exciting game like Transformer Rollout, Classic game like Super Mario, make over game like Emo Makeover, for girls game like Celebrity Makeover and so many more to choose from. Just by looking at the page itself, there is easily hundreds of games to choose from.

The best part of all is that, its free of charge.