where’s Tiny T?

i signed up through Tiny T now i no through CLH your page was shut etc however you set up again but got no contents on your page no more! so i cant leave you a msg through your page i’ve had to make a page jus 4 u!

jus wanna say thanks for looking at all my new pages but wanna return the fava cos you had some good stuff up in there!

reply through this please cos i did pm u on CLH but rarely can i sign in cos the servers down or wont actually sign in so i cant ever become pro member there plus my computers been messed up whilst on there a few times!

anyway like i said please please please get some contents on your page so i can read some more! or get in contact wit me and tell me was going on.

also i went on a random persons page and saw simon there, he was on my friends list wen i first started n took him off cos i thought i did something wrong!

can anyone tell me who he is if it was just a coincidance that he was there aswell as yours and mine?

is he a moderator?

simon if you happen to read this (which  I doubt very much) can u tell me plz, i’ll put u back on friends list if responses clarify who you are n how u got on the list! just dont take offence on the fact i took you off cos as i explained earlier i didnt know how you got there in the first place,