Which Are The Best Colorado Campgrounds?

You are frequently faced with an exciting and difficult dilemma when you go to the Colorado campgrounds. Colorado has a number of good campgrounds, but it is very tough to get the best of them all.  You will get a good Colorado campground which has a beautiful picturesque view which can be used by anyone. Pullouts along the main road are quite popular with motor campers almost all round the year. But with the neighboring Rocky Mountains, one is tempted to go a little further and enjoy a more pastoral sort of camping. Colorado Mountain camping can be for you if you don’t have a problem with high altitudes, severe temperatures, difficult hiking, and a scarcity of contemporary conveniences.

It is best that you don’t get too ambitious, if you are making your first tour to the Colorado campgrounds, as most of us don’t realize how much we are dependent on current conveniences till we get into the woods. I was dejected in my initial Colorado campground excursion as not being aware of what to pack, had got clothes which were not really appropriate for this environment. It was really hot in the day and extremely cold at night, and normally cold and depressing. I also had problems in cooking food, and resulted in staying hungry most of the time. Don’t really have to mention but it was not the best way to get introduced to the world of out-of-doors camping.

From that time my experience with Colorado campgrounds has grown and I am more aware of what to expect. It should be known that if any campsite is at an elevated altitude, one must be ready for nights which are very cold.  Now I can anchor my tent correctly, so that it is not blown away by the winds. One has to carry additional flashlights as well as a heat lamp or portable stove. I am also aware that I should not carry pointless luxuries and have space for the things I need here.

But there are times that it feels nice to visit a well-situated Colorado campground. In fact at times I prefer to stay away from camping and stay in a cabin instead. A pastoral cabin offers you the feeling of getting away from the busy city surroundings, without making things very extreme. It is possible to sleep comfortably, and feel secure without being blown by the wind. There are times when one likes roughing it while sometimes it is nice be comfortable.