Who am I And What Do I Want?

Who am I, and what do I want? Everything the in the entire Universe answers the two questions. In our world, these questions are answered by the decision making process. All decisions come from Natural Ability, which connects us naturally to the Laws of Nature. These are aptly applied to free will, appreciation, faith, and peace. These are natural abilities we were born with, and therefore we do not have to “do” anything to make them part of our reality.

When a baby enters the world, these natural abilities are pronounced. Generally speaking, when a mother and baby are “intune” with each other, or the mother picks up on the needs of the baby, the ability to do this is generally assigned to the mother. The problem with this is that throughout the life of the mother, she has placed her natural ability under the direction of physical learning. This does not mean it is not still there, but it does mean the growth of natural ability has been stunted. Stunted natural ability occurs because decisions made concerning physical experiences define physical learning as being greater than natural ability. This comes unnaturally through physical assignments, ie, learning through inappropriate teaching. All skills taught in the physical world are inappropriate because they do not teach Natural Ability as having greater authority than what can be physically taught. Thus, all decision made concerning skill places it above spiritually defined Natural Ability, to freely choose, appreciate and understand truth, the faith to see beyond physical learning skills, and the peace that reaches to see truth NOW. By having the ability to see truth NOW, this would eliminate the plans to do, or having to force and manipulate to get something done. Force and manipulation are learned skills and used to teach the world inappropriate lessons about how to get.

By placing wholly uncorrupted Natural Ability under the direction of corrupted physical learning, natural ability has learned to “believe” in an external world where worth and self value must be proven by example. This example is supposed to supply the motivation to excel by using the body as a means to prove value. Thus, value begins to be assigned to the external world. Getting this value answers the questions, of who am I, and what do I want? Even though it is impossible to get value beyond Natural Ability, it seems to be so in a world that cannot see beyond the physical memories stored in the body defining external value. Even though most of us know we have value beyond the external means we use that defines our physical reality, the struggle continues to be a contributing factor to answering the questions of who am I, and what do I want? For, if this value is suddenly taken, we do not have the external evidence to prove who we are and what we want. This leads to internal anxiety. Anxiety is the unnatural ability to consciously reference a past decision made in error, which has placed Natural Ability in an inferior position to a physical learning experience.

Universally speaking, when we broadcast the message our value no longer exists in our Natural Ability, we disconnect from the Source of our Being and continue to attempt to define ourselves through the physical life we have made to re-interpret our own value. Even though this is impossible, it does not stop us from trying to get what we have learned to believe will satisfy us and make us whole. We say positive affirmations, and visualize in an attempt to override unnatural decisions. Not realizing it is impossible to overturn the foundation of a corrupt decision backed by the Natural Ability of free will, we do not take into consideration we unnaturally appreciate the corrupt decision. The decision is also backed by the faith the decision had validity when it was made. The way that peace is applied to the corrupted decision is to find a way to get the physical value lost in the inappropriate decision. Once the value of the corrupted goal has been consummated, the question of who I am has been answered by what I have managed to force or manipulate to get. This temporarily allows me to feel in control, until the next time.

I am not in charge of my life, for I have bought into an experience that has not upheld the integrity of who I am, but instead what I can get to [prove my value. The price of this lesson is beyond eternity, for what I am seeking does not exist in reality. What I believe I have made up by making a decision that was not a decision at all has delivered me to hell.

Improper decision making learned at an early age is the one critical error that is not only encouraged, but believed will lead to a better world. The question must be asked; is this working? This error continues over and over again as each new generation learns to understand how to be better at forcing and manipulating.

Into all of this, a new way of learning had to be introduced. In order to see beyond the error and use Natural Ability the way it was intended, a generation of people had to be introduced that carried the ability (genetics) to undo the injustice of thousands of years of inappropriate learning. This ability would be able to overcome thousands of years of inappropriate learning instilled in collective consciousness. This generation would have access to a new way of learning, along with the ability to enact a New Movement of Thought. This ability would come from a generation of people who would have programmed within their DNA the ability to use miracles.

Make no mistake, the beliefs used to define the value of this world are very competitive with miracles. Beliefs we have learned are helpful are just as corrupt as the ones we have learned to believe are harmful. We cannot change the world by adding more beliefs, for this is where the problem lies. The solution comes from Higher Understanding and a Higher Ability, which uses miracles to undo the error of corrupt past decisions made by immature emotional, and illogical choices.

All Natural Ability carries within it the Power of the Whole Universe. This Natural Ability must be given access to the miracles, which are also programmed into DNA. These miracles are buried in the core of our physical world. The body is a witness to the miracles that must be applied to undo the error, as the core of our being must be recognized as One. This core is where the seeds of a New World are buried, waiting to be released. The only way to release these seeds is by allowing the miracle to undo past decisions. As old decisions are relinquished by making miracle choices, a New World will emerge.

Jesus said you cannot pour new wine into an old wine skin, for it will break and the new wine will spill out into the ground. The ground is symbolic of old world collective consciousness and the wine is symbolic of the blood, or Natural Flow, of the lamb that takes away the sins of the world. Natural Ability must be exposed to Natural Flow by the Natural mind shifts provided by miracles. If it is not, it will continue to flow in an unnatural chaotic direction. With this, the world will be able to see what is the same in everything, which is the Natural Ability inherent in everything in the entire Universe.

The Natural Plan to undo the error in this world is called One Wholeness Now. This Plan has been in effect for 6000 years. We are being asked to join together and take a step as One to redefine the Wholeness of the integrity of Natural Ability, to reveal the evidence of the correct application of Now. Only by jointly experiencing the evidence of miracles will new the Natural Ability of Free Will, Appreciation, Faith, and Peace be realized in our world. The only way to recognize Natural Ability is through the direct application of miracles.