Who Said That Peace in The Middle East Cannot be Achieved

The middle east issue still remains one of the most controversial and tough issues the world faces today. In the past 60 years of conflict, very little has been achieved. Diplomats have not been able to broker peace in the region. Many countries have tried mediating between Israel and Palestinian authorities but very little has been achieved out of the talks.

But this definitely does not mean that peace in the middle east cannot be achieved. Peace can definitely be achieved in the middle east.

When Israel was formed in 1948, it immediately came under attack by all surrounding Arab nations. Every single Arab nation was against the creation of Israel. Eventually, many wars were fought against Israel and in all the wars, Israel came out victorious.

The most impressive victory happens to be the 1967 Six-Day war in which not only did Israel win so gloriously, but also occupied the Golan heights and the Sinai Peninsula. The 1967 Six-Day war is not only famous for its military victory, but also served as living proof that peace in the middle east is possible.

This does sound ironical, but here is how it actually worked.

After the war in 1967, Egypt decided that is was absolutely useless to keep fighting with Israel. Egypt decided to make peace with Israel. Both countries entered a peace deal. They did not need any other country to broker the peace between them. Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula and Golan heights in return for peace. Not only did they achieve peace, but they also entered a phase where they could conduct bilateral relations. Both countries gained a lot after the peace deal. They did not have to spend money on wars. There was trade conducted between both the countries. Everything turned out to be good for both the countries.

Another example is that of Jordan. Jordan and Israel have managed to achieve peace with each other. The result has been beneficial to both countries. They are not worried about wars and unnecessary expenditure as a result of wars.

It took the political will of the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and Israel to come together to the negotiating table, discuss what they wanted and get themselves a deal to stop this unnecessary fighting and co-existing in peace.

Right now, it needs the political will of the Palestinian as well as the Israeli leaders to stop their fighting and achieve peace in order to co-exist together. For this to happen, the political will must be present and sincere efforts needs to be put in order to achieve peace in the region.

Only when the leaders sincerely and truthfully have the political will to compromise shall peace come to the middle east. It is difficult, but definitely not impossible.