Who Says You Have To Take Down The Christmas Tree!?!

It’s well past Christmas, and you’ve yet to take down the tree?? Not to worry! Here’s a few nifty ideas you can use to make your Christmas Tree the “All-Year” Tree. Every Holiday and major event can be celebrated under (and on) a tree — you just need a little imagination and a few key items.

JANUARY: In 2009 you’re lucky, because you can use your tree for TWO events — Superbowl and the Presidential Inauguration! For Superbowl you can leave on colored lights representing your team’s colors (same goes for Christmas ball ornaments) and create additional ornaments out of bread dough or even cardstock that resemble little footballs and helmets. You could even go to the cake decorating section of your favorite craft store and pick up items that can be “hooked” and added to your tree. 

Now, for the Inauguration — you can keep any of the red, white or blue lights, tinsel, or red garland. Have the kids help cut out 50 big gold stars and hang them too! 

FEBRUARY: Valentine’s Day! Think hearts, silk roses or other red flowers, etc. Red ribbon bows and garland are great too. 

President’s Day… See Inauguration above.

MARCH, APRIL & MAY: Let’s see… you’ve got St. Patricks Day, which means the green lights, glass bulbs, and garland can stay, along with a few cutout Leprechauns, shamrocks and pots of gold. 

Easter, or the celebration of Spring… leave the white lights on the tree, pastel ribbons, hang plastic eggs from the branches, line up all your baby farm animal stuffed toy collection around the tree, etc. 

Mother’s Day… hmmmm… perhaps you can glue ribbon loops to a children’s tea set or those little plastic groceries? Maybe not… 

But of course, we end May with Memorial Day — if using a patriotic theme, see President’s Day and Inauguration suggestions above. If you bypass the patriotism, you could probably fill the tree with mini lawn chairs, tiny beer cans, grills, and Coleman coolers, right??Step Four You get where I’m going with this I’m sure. So silence those pesky naggers who insist “The Tree Must Come Down”! Just share with them these creative ideas and keep that tree up all year!  

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