Who’s Hurting in this Economy

By Dennis s. Murray Sr.

For the last 11 years this economy has lost its grip with Corporations and Congressional leaders making promises they can’t keep and sucking the life out of the American people. This country’s dysfunctional leaders administering wars with corrupted banking policies have melted down the economy faster than a bit from a python snake, slowly killing you in your sleep. The leaders of this country continue to examine the problems but never heal them head on without holding hearings or Congressional debates on what to do. Not reacting when it comes to the Nation’s health and its people keeps the hurt going and going and members of Congress never see the hurt that they inflick on the people they were elected to serve, and only delay the solutions. Sense President Obama has been in office he has invested more time in corporate solutions than people solutions.

However, most Americans truly understand what his position is in getting the Nation back on its feet, but families are having more financial problems than ever with rising  health care cost that  put additional bidden on the already strap family budgets. Many of the initiatives set by President Obama and Congress are not worthy of writing about because it really doesn’t effective the underserved directly, it only effects big businesses and their bottom line. Now that we are in the first quarter of the fiscal year January-March 2010 many States are looking at cutting budgets and streamlining their business agenda in there perspective States. Some of the first cuts are set by States are to deplete the education of our children and the learning process of great teachers. With additional elimination of our neighborhood youth outreach centers and after school care programs across the Nation we continue to see a spiral down of our educational system and watch our children and the family structure bottom out.  Cities like Atlanta, Georgia with its newly elected Mayor Kaseen Reed pledges to opening all 33 neighborhood outreach centers with donations from Turner/CNN Broadcasting Center, but they need more money to keep them open and our youth off the streets.      

Many States are counting on Federal Stimulus Money to help in the downturn of this economy, but we should not count on it changing anything in many States, because State officials are not using Stimulus money to help the less fortunate. Unemployment at 17% among minorities specifically African Americans which rarely see any help in their underserved or socially disadvantage communities like Chicago, IL; Greensboro, Georgia; Jamaica, New York; Charlotte NC; Wewoka,Oklahoma; and other states/cities  with dilapidated school systems. Watching our at-risk youth with challenges and changes in their educational and developmental process States avoid the growing problems in our schools with old or torn books, none musical programs, athletic programs deleted or trim down, poor school lunch nutrition, and more.  Normally this leads to behavioral failures with our youth in our communities that ends in damaging there minds or deaf. We can’t allow more decades of the same with our children going down this road with know recourse or change of direction. The Secretary of Education is making a lot of promise but if there is no funding, the schools problems remain the same. These problems and budget cuts will last longer than we think and will hurt all of our children especially those K-6 which are always vulnerable in their early childhood development years. Some of the problems are in the family but it’s only a small percentage because most children spend 75% of the day outside of the home with no or limited guidance’s. Our communities need to incorporate more mentoring groups within the neighborhood communities to challenge the despair of economic mishaps in these communities.  

Many economists have predicted that the housing and foreclosure market has affected our school system and unless growth in the job market changes, our communities and schools will continue to suffer with these massive cuts.  The economy issues will only escalate to hurt more families become homeless with children or children being exploited like those in Haiti if change doesn’t come sooner than later. We all have seen first hand how National disasters can exploit our families and communities from the destruction of Haiti and its failure to help its people with its corrupt government and non-government officials. The United States is not like Haiti but we can be, if we continue down this pathway of endless hallways. The ability to do the right thing in America seems to be unattainable with these higher educated diplomats that run this country. They will be the only people able to continue to feed or educate their families in 2014 unless you are already a millionaire or a Congressional member. We need to build this country like our forefathers did so that we can be stronger together for the future of our children.