Why Are You Not Getting Dates Online

I saw that some people were complaining that they never get a reply on their online dating website and that women don’t want to talk to them or write to them. People were getting frustrated on the websites and I think I know why after looking at their half naked bathroom photo, I wouldn’t write to them either. You have to have a presentable profile in order for people to want to talk to you or write to you. Here are a few tips to get you some replies on your site or to get some messages on there and figure out what’s wrong with your profile.

Check your profile photos

Look at your profile right now and see if you have bad photos or offensive things that you wrote on there. I saw a lot of bad photos and offensive things on a lot of online profiles. If you write that you love to smoke pot and that you have five ex-wives, and that you have no job and that you just go out of rehab, it will scare any women out there. They will not reply or write to you. Perhaps your past is a past and you don’t have to put it up there and putting negative things like that will scare women from anywhere. No one wants problems when it comes to dating, and everyone scans people so you should be careful what you write on there. People usually read your photo, scan you, evaluate you and then think twice before they reply or write to you so make sure your profile is decent or attractive enough, and it’s just like going to a job interview.

Write better profile

You can look at what you write about yourself right now and then see if it’s acceptable. I saw a lot of profiles that have a whole bunch of bad writing on them like causing out women, or their ex-girlfriend or that they hate people or that they are depressed or that they hate their lives or that they just don’t know why they’re on there. No one wants to read something like that, it will make them frustrated and turn off and no they will not reply to you at all or even message you. If you don’t have anything good going on in your life, why would they want to be with you. Women know how to think too and they want someone who is happy with their lives so turn up your page by saying something nice about yourself, and something nice about what you wish to happen with your dates.

Have nicer photos

I saw a lot of bad photos like bathroom photos, bedroom photos, pajamas photos, no hairspray photos, half- naked photos. It’s great that you feel comfortable in your bedroom; bathroom, pajamas, puffy hair but the women that is looking at your profile might not like it. She might think that you don’t care enough to be classy about it or to put up a nice photo of yourself and it will be the same when you go on a date with her that you will be that easy going too. You have to put on nicer photos, with your clothing and hair together and half naked photos are ok but no photos of you in your brief and I saw a whole bunch of those and I was thinking that the guy was just looking for some fun in bed. They will not reply to you either for that.

Don’t write negative things on there

Make sure you don’t write negative things about women on your profile, or about anything or anyone. You wouldn’t write on your resume that you have been fired for ten jobs, stole on the jobs and that you hate working. You would not say those things if you’re crazy or drunk but put them off. You can’t say these things if you’re looking to date people. It will scare them off.