Why Bother me of This Revelation?

A survey made by the TIME/CNN in the United States of America, it is found that is scarcely reaching the 40% mark who are paying good attention than before in how the current news that relate to the end of the world, and also 60% of the survey stated that they believed on the prophecies which the Book of Revelation revealed and will surely come to past and for more detailed result you can check the Time Magazine labeling Apocalypse Now published on June 23, 2002. And 8 years later, we can say that the closer we are getting to the end times.

Well the Book of Revelation stated that the coming Christ which the mark of the end will be obvious and everyone will behold as He descend from heaven, how this be? The emerging technology nowadays will tend to make it happen. Apocalypse comes from a Greek word that literally means the lifting of the veil. These would depict how will people see the glorious coming of Christ, it would be a lifting of the heavens that will shake the whole world.

But prior to this we can read the Book of Revelation that the world be in chaos and will be ruled by the coming world leader known as the Antichrist who will implement the one world government that will control every person that lives on earth except those remaining Christian who missed the so called Rapture of the Church. The Antichrist will enforce the strict policy of no Mark-no-Transaction Policy.

Also in the beginning chapter of the Book is state that blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near. And in addition the Book declared that everyone will behold for the Christ is coming with the clouds of heavens and every eye will see Him coming down with the scepter in His hand, even those who did pierced that are risen from the grave and all the tribes of the earth will cry to Him.

The Book of Revelation, in the nutshell, is not about any religious movement or making the people converted but the Book is the sole record of what the Lord God will do in the near future. In addition the Book of Revelation is Word of God given to us, and composed of prophecies that will fulfill the coming end of the world. But so many people have declared that the things written in the Book of Revelation have already begun. And they based it with the prophecy that the Jewish nation will be reestablished in their homeland that was fulfilled in the late 1940’s. And followed by the Jews taking over Jerusalem in latter part of 1960 and the declaration of End Times is more founded but yet it turns out a false assumption as the Bible has stated.

So, why bother you with the Book of Revelation? So that you will be prepare in the coming end and whether you will be still alive or your name is already carved on the stone, you will be still take part of it. Whether you like it or not the Book of Revelation will take place soon!