Why do Men Cheat on us

Men cheating on women have always been a very popular topic. It’s painful when someone you love betrayed you but it happens and there are ways that you can move on. You don’t have to beat yourself over someone else’s weakness. You should also take a look at your own relationship and see whether it was a good relationship to start out with. Sometimes it’s not cheating, but the relationship is dead and you two need to move on and that’s the way that I see it in some relationship. There are many reasons why men cheat but there must be a reason for them to cheat. They cheat because they could be unhappy and they want another relationship or that they’re just greedy and want as many women as possible. You just never know about men. Women also cheat but I think you face consequences in the end. Here are some reasons why I think men cheat.


If they’re unhappy with you, for some reason or another, they will want to cheat or find another mate. Could it be that you are never home and you work too much and they never see you? They could be spending time with other people while you’re at work and it could lead to cheating. Could it be that you’re abusive to them and that could cause them to lose their heart for you even if they’re obligated in one way or another like taking care of your kids. If a person is not happy in some way, they will look for other means to make them happy.

Bad relationship

Is your relationship bad? If it’s considered bad by you then they must have a reason to move on. If it’s good then they wouldn’t have any other reason to look elsewhere. There are many things that could cause a relationship to go sour. When you’re in a relationship with someone for so long, it’s easy for it to go bad. You could be fighting over kids, finance, and a whole bunch of other things.


If the guy is greedy and he wants to be with every woman that existed on the planet, he could cheat all the time and it doesn’t mean that it’s your fault. They could just be greedy. If this is the case, then you need to find yourself another mate.


They could be careless and they don’t consider your feelings when they’re just satisfying themselves and not considering you at all. You have chosen the wrong apple then and you need to find another mate.


If they see more benefits going out with other people, they will go with them instead. There are benefits out there like money, vacation, sex, jobs, home and much more. If you can’t provide these things for them, they might look elsewhere for it.


If they’re bored in a relationship, they could be seeking excitement elsewhere. If you have been married for over thirty years, chances are one partner will be bored in the relationship. It’s time to spice things up with hot dates or fun in the bedroom but it’s time to spice things up.

Not satisfied

People can cheat if they’re not satisfied with their current relationship. If they’re satisfied then they would not cheat. There must be some sort of dissatisfaction in order for them to want to cheat. If you really love someone, you have no business looking elsewhere. You should look to see if there are dissatisfaction problems in your relationship. Just like a customer, they will go to another business if they’re not satisfied with your business to them.