Why Dogs Are Man's Best Friend.

Why having a dog is beneficial?

  1. It takes a great deal of responsibility to take good care of dogs, especially shizus as they are likely to get hurt easily. As their owner we are responsible to vaccinate, give supplement, make sure they proper shelther, give them proper food, cut their nails and the list goes on and on. Indirecty this teaches us the meaning responsibility. Sometimes it is the best way and the easiest way to teach our children without having to nag them.
  2. Recent survey shows that playing with dogs can reduce the risk of heart attack and high blood pressure. This is because when we play with dogs we are actually exercising and exercising keeps you healthy.
  3. Playing with dogs also known to reduce stress because we often laugh hearts out and a good doze of laughther keeps the doctor away.
  4. Dogs also provide friendship to us as they are probably the first stand at the doorway when we arrive home and as our playmates. They are so loyal that dogs tend to love their owner even if they abuse them, except for dogs with rabius.
  5. Some people keep dogs to guard their house and yes it is true, dogs protect their owner from intruders whether the intruder is a human or other dangerous animals like snakes, lizards.
  6. Besides they never take a day off or apply for an emergency leave.They never go on strike either nor ask for a pay raise. They just expect you love them.