Why Filipinos Should Not Leave The Country


One US dollar is equivalent to 42 Philippine pesos as of this writing. It implies that it only takes to have at least 24,000 US dollar to become a millionaire in the Philippines. That is very enticing, isn’t it? Assuming you have a stable job waiting abroad (not only the US) it is really temping to leave the country. We can’t deny that most Filipinos working abroad have improved their living status. They have big houses, luxurious cars, and other material things. They can afford expensive vacation trips. They can provide expensive education for their children. Behind their lavish living however they have experienced lots of hardships and sacrifices that people in the community are not aware of. With that, I could say they also deserve to enjoy what they’ve acquired abroad. Despite greener pastures abroad, there are still valid reasons Filipinos should stay in the country.

1. Brain Drain. A lot of talented and brilliant Filipinos have left the country and many are still leaving. Their venture paid off because they have been recognized of their achievements abroad. With what has happened in the country nowadays, we need to keep more people with good brains. A good brain is a brain with a good heart. Filipinos are highly demanded abroad because of being compassionate with other people and being passionate about their work. The country needs more of these kinds of people to stay these days.

2. Opportunities. There are more and better opportunities in the foreign land than in the country. An opportunity is a gateway to excellence. We, Filipinos given with wide array of opportunities really tend to excel.  Opportunities do not simply have to do with material things. There are also opportunities of exposure to life changing experiences abroad. Philippines on the other hand never ran out of opportunities. Economic problems which the country never ran out of for example are opportunities. It is the right time to be more innovative and be more creative in our ventures. For businessmen, facing more problems in the economy means having more opportunities to earn money. I believe that’s the attitude each of us should practice. And that’s one way to help the country.

3. Freedom. The number one freedom we enjoy in the Philippines is the freedom of expression. Anyone can write a song, vandalize on walls, and express their feelings freely.  Anyone can impersonate and even make fun of the government officials, and everyone will simply laugh about it and move on. It’s not good sometimes because we tend to abuse it also. In some other countries, people are not allowed to do that to their leaders. On the good side of it, I could say there is no better place to live but home. 

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Filipinos should not Leave the Country