Why It's Important to Live Out Your Emotional Needs

Human beings are born with all types of emotions and we have emotional needs. We can’t live without them. We have to be able to fulfill out emotional needs in our lives and we will find ways to fulfill them if they’re not met. This is why it’s not alright to suppress them, like refusing to date or to go out or to have friends. It can be harmful if you live your life without trying to fulfill these needs. You have to be able to fulfill these needs so you can be emotionally healthy. This is why Freud said that people would regress back to the stage that they have met in life. You must realize that people need to have friends, love, social activities, intellectual stimulations, and much, much more. A man can’t live on bread alone; he must have peanut butter and jelly at the same time.

This is why someone would be really odd if they can’t go out or if you restrict them from doing what they love. If someone loves to go out and you lock them at home, they will drive you crazy until they can go out because it’s what they need. You have to realize that you can’t control someone. You have to set them free. People will do what they need to do. This is why parents who are too controlling failed to keep their child at home. The child can even run away or attempt to rebel to get back at the parents. This is why God game man free will. They have to live their lives according to their will.

This is why parents can be really agitated sometimes because they’re stuck with kids and work all year round. They don’t have time for themselves and this is why they are agitated. You just need to get out once in awhile. If you keep yourself indoor or stuck on one project, you will go nuts. Each person has the need to live out to their full potential. They need to live their lives, good or bad. They have to have control over their needs. This is why it’s healthy for a person to go out, to have friends, to date, to love, to cry, to be happy, and to feel all that they feel. If they have to suppress their emotions, it will come back to haunt you later on. When giving the opportunities, you should live out all of your emotions. It will make you much happier and you will have less stress.