Why Kualalumpur is One of The Best Tourist Destinations in Asia

Malaysia is definitely one of the growing tourist destinations in the world. There has been a remarkable increase of tourists in areas such as Kualalumpur and few other regions around the country. There is more than one reason for the sudden influx of tourists. The first is of course the highly developed infrastructure of Kualalumpur. Look at the transportation system, people can travel around the city fast and without any hassle. There are LRT train networks, which covers a vast length of the city. Then there is Monorail system.

Busses ply across the city, and then there are taxis. There are many taxis, which can take tourists to any part of the city. Even before Air Asia launched its flights from Malaysia and covered south East Asian region, tourists from Europe and United States were on a rise. The launch of Air Asia helped people from across Asia to get connected easily. Take for instance, tourists from India always had to spend lot of time on flights to get to Malaysia, but with the advent of Air Asia flights, the duration of the journey was cut down to just 4 hours. People from India began taking regular trips to Malaysia.

The cost of Air Asia was another reason, why tourists increased. Nearly all countries surrounding Malaysia, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Laos were connected to Malaysia, thanks to Air Asia regular nonstop flights. It made so simple that suddenly there were a huge increase in the number of tourists who began coming to Kualalumpur. The cheap flights to Malaysia gave enough reasons for tourists from across the Air Asia network to come down to Kualalumpur and spend their vacation.

Hotels are cheap in Kualalumpur. Though, goods are overtly high priced, the prices of 4 star and 5 star hotels are remarkably cheap. Those who plan to book through Agoda will be surprised to find incredibly low rates. On my last visit to Kualalumpur, I stayed at Lanson Place Ambassador Row Residences. It is a 4 star facility. The normal price of the room was around 1000RM, but if a person books a hotel through Agoda, it is very cheap. I must say that hotels have found a means to offer low price, and yet retain the beauty of the rooms. I booked Lanson at a very cheap price, and they gave me more than 60% discount on the original price tag. I will suggest every tourist to book through travel sites and make their stay in Kualalumpur very cheap. For the price I paid, I must say that facilities were a lot more than I expected. Kualalumpur has the reputation of offering very cheap 4 and 5 star hotels for tourists. In fact, Kualalumpur has the cheapest 5 star hotels in the world. The city is filled with many budget hotels as well.

Even food is not expensive. Every shopping Mall in the city has food courts, and they are filled with various delicacies. The city has lot of Arabic food restaurants, and Chinese dishes, apart from Japanese and local Malay dishes. Foods are cheap in Malaysia. Again, it depends entirely on the taste of each individual. A person can have food for as low as 5RM to 50RM or more, depending upon the place he chooses.

Finally, there are many night spots in the city, which makes the city more inviting. Then there are places of tourist importance such as Genting Island, and shopping malls to make the trip enjoyable. However, the biggest drawback is the high cost of goods in Kualalumpur. Otherwise, the city has everything a tourist can expect to find, and that is why tourists throng to Kualalumpur to spend their holidays.