Why President Obama New Financing For College Isn't Working

President Obama signed a bill that would send more financial assistance out to colleges and help student who want to finish their degree. It’s funny that with all of the improvement that the government is giving to colleges, I think that administrator must have to allocate to their own account because you can’t get help when you’re desperate for help. A lot of students will tell you the same thing if they’re filing for financial aid. They can’t seem to get assistance if they’re a retuning student or those that need to appeal for some extra assistance because they change their major. President Obama plan wouldn’t help if the colleges are allocating the funding in other ways. I don’t know, I think that they are allocating it to an account to hire more assistants or have more office party, because I don’t see how it’s working. I couldn’t get it so I don’t know who else could get it.

Colleges are no way trying to help people who want to further their education. They want to keep the fund for themselves. I know a lot of colleges are government run colleges but where is the funding. Just because someone already has a degree, it doesn’t mean that they can find work with that degree, especially if it’s an AA degree. You can’t do anything with an AA degree. You have to have a BS. What if they need help finishing their BS?

I don’t know what community colleges are doing but it seems like they’re doing everything that they can to make it harder for students to get assistance. The offices are filled with nothing but horrible financial officers. You call for help and the guy who picks up the phone doesn’t even know what’s he’s talking about. He’s just waiting to get you off of the phone. He’s just telling you that you won’t be able to qualify before he even hears your situation. This is what’s going on inside the financial aid office at colleges. They hire terrifying people just to get you out of their offices. I think the government needs to work with community colleges and allow the fund to be use on those that needs them. We wouldn’t be coming to the college if we could find work and our degrees work for us. Colleges are getting way too sloppy and they need to change for the better of the people who need to get some more schooling done.