Why Should I Blog And How to Blog

Why Should I Blog and How to Blog

The following includes guidelines to use when blogging for business, as well as reasons that blogging can help your business succeed.

When you blog for your business, always keep in mind the niche you are blogging for. You must be able to stay on topic and keep your readers interested. Remember your audience with every blog you write. When a blog stays on topic, then readers will be more likely to count on your blog as a source of information on that one topic. When readers see your blog as such, it can save them the time they would have spent searching for information elsewhere.

By blogging you can set yourself up as an expert on a topic. People come to experts to solve their problems.

Blogs allow people’s personalities to show in their writing. Remember the purpose of your blog is promoting your business. Don’t be afraid to let your personal opinions shine through the writing. Give examples of experiences and problems that you have had, and then let them know how your business can help others with similar needs.

Blogging gives the chance to engage your readers. They can comment on your blog and give you their point of view. You can in turn comment on their comment. This sort of two-way interaction between a business and a writer can give insight in to the thoughts of your customers. It also allows your customers to get to know you.

The real power of blogging is the ability to reach out to self-selecting groups of people. Only people who are interested in your topic will find your blog. These people will be likely to be interested in the product your business is selling.

Most blogs are only a 300 to 500 words long, so use your words sparingly. Bullet point lists are your friends. You will notice that this blog post contained a lot of words. It can be pretty well summed up with the two following bullet point lists.

When Blogging:

-Remember Your Audience

-Stay on Topic

-Let Your Personality in to Your Writing

-Create Blogs that are 300-500 Words

Blogs are Useful Because They:

-Show You’re an Expert

-Engage Your Readers

-Reach People Who are Interested

-Generate Awareness for Your Business

Adam Barnhart