Why Some Couples Lived-In Instead of Getting Married Legally?

Many lived-in partners have different reasons why they are doing this. Am sure they know that living together out of wedlock is not right in the eyes of man and God but they still do it because they find it normal in the society where they are in. No body accused them and most people just don’t say anything because it is accepted.

One of their reasons of living together without being married yet is they are not yet ready to tie the knot. Meaning they just consider it as a trial marriage to see to it if they can get along  with their attitudes and temperaments as the days go by. It make sense anyway, than getting married and be separated or have a divorce in a few months or a year of being together because they can’t adjust.  Do you agree with this? I won’t because if you are matured enough to enter into a serious relationship, you have a stable mind and emotion and it’s not hard to adjust.

Another reason of those who are living- in is that, either one of them is married to another person or not legally separated from a previous partner and can not remary unless he or she is free. And because they can not wait  for that long time process of being free, they  will decide to live together. Is it reasonable? maybe but the solution is not right. They should have wait for the right time.

Some couples are just forced by circumstance because they need assistance in their daily existence they will decide to find somebody to live with who can help them pay the bills. Well, apartment rent, electric bills,phone bills, etc. It is stressful to think about bills but when they have somebody to split the expenses, this would gfve them relief. Well, this is sensible to others but stil the solution is not right. 

Others said, it is better to just lived-in because if ever they won’t click, they can just sepate ways easily without hassle of legality. They are free to mary if ever the right one comes along. The other party can not claim support specially the woman because she has no papers to support her claim. That is tragic but this is very common in our society todfay.

Whatever is your reason to live-in with your partner, think about it before doing it.