Why The Alternative Sub-Cultures Should Get Over Emo’s

Goths, Punks, Hippies etc, are all subcultures with different points of view. But the one thing they all share however is the belief that a person should be who they are, and should be free to believe what they wish.

These subcultures are supposed to celebrate individuality, and self-expression. It is pretty much a built in rule for any subculture that goes against, and challenges, the mainstream.  They are meant to welcome those who are “a bit different”, those who do not feel a connection with the mundane mainstream. After all, that is why many of them belong to these groups, the need to feel some sort of acceptance.

Emo is the latest subculture. Its name is an abbreviation of “emotional”, and that is the main function of this group. Emo’s wear their emotions on their sleeve. They embrace their emotion and attempt to channel it. Sure there is the general stereotypical image of an Emo cutting themselves, but then again, how often do you see Goths having picnics in the park at night?

Of cause Emo is synonymous with teenage angst, after all, most Emo’s are indeed teenagers. They arrive to the point in their life where they begin truly looking at the world and attempts to understand it. Like the rest of us felt during our teen angst, they see the shadows in the world. They learn of the darkness, the depression, and the pain. Many say that the culture is nothing more than teenage angst, and to be fair that is true to a point, but most people who belong to a subculture joined while in their teens. It is a normal stage, and many either decide to stay living the lifestyle, or return back to their previous life after learning a little bit about themselves and the world in general.

The closest resemblance Emo has to anything, would be to Goth. It is no surprise they evolved from the goth culture as both share quite a few similarities. But Just because Goth came first, this does not give Goth’s any right to criticize Emo as Goth itself evolved from Punk. And Punk evolved from Hippy, and so forth.

Indeed, all the subcultures (eg: cyberpunk, steampunk, rockabilly etc) evolved from something else. That is how they come into being. If Emo lasts then I am sure another subculture would be birthed through it.

So to sum up, if you belong to a subculture, and you criticise Emo, then maybe you need to learn a little more about what your culture represents.