Why Tradesmen Don’t Have The Time to Use Cheap Diy Tools

Professional power tools have several benefits over DIY tools including more power, a better quality of finish and greater durability making them a much more cost effective purchase in the long-run for a tradesman who uses power tools every day.

Power & Speed

Industrial power tools are generally more powerful than their DIY counterparts, often with higher rated motors featuring leading edge technology. Electrical components like motors and switches are capable of dealing with the higher current loads generated when tools are worked under heavy load. This additional power and ability to work under continuous load means industrial power tools will always get the job done faster than an apparently similar DIY  product.  DIY tools frequently do not cope well with prolonged use and can be easily damaged through overloading.

Industrial tools are designed to be most effective at a narrower range of tasks, while DIY tools are often made to cover a broader range of applications. This apparent flexibility can in fact be a handicap as it often comes at a price of lower efficiency at any given task. The narrower focus of an industrial tool made for a specific task will always give faster results. 

Quality of Finish

As well as speed through power, industrial power tools designed for a more focused range of tasks will deliver a better quality finish. For the tradesman this means much less time is spent trying to achieve the high standard of finish demanded by customers while working in a commercial environment.


All components in industrial power tools both mechanical and electrical offer a much longer working life than those of DIY tools. The result is industrial power tools suffer significantly less down time through the need for repair or premature replacement. With industrial tools most jobs can be tackled with power to spare, while DIY tools working at or beyond their capacity can often be overloaded on relatively simple tasks simply because their components are not designed to cope with long periods of continuous use.

Choosing the right tool for the job can have a massive impact on how long any job can take and how quickly the required result is achieved. In so many ways by investing in the best tool available the tradesman can make the best possible use of their most valuable commodity –time.  Any additional cost incurred at the point of purchase will be rapidly recovered after fairly limited use and this substantial benefit will continue throughout the working life of the tool.

As a result all of this clearly confirms that the apparently cheap DIY option costs much more in the long run than the proper industrial tool which is designed and manufactured to get the job done quickly and efficiently time and time again. 

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