Will Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren be Able to Save Their Marriage?

Recent reports claim that Tiger Woods behavior has cost his investors billions of dollars. Others are not so sure all losses can be pinned on Woods.

In 2008 Forbes predicted Tiger Woods would pass a billion dollars in earnings by 2011. Some state Tiger Woods is worth more than this today.

After admitting to numerous affairs can Tiger Woods save his marriage and his game? People who do not know Elin Nordegren or Tiger Woods say they should divorce. Others realize this is a personal decision only Nordegren and Woods can make and hope the couple will enter therapy together and save their relationship.

While some feel Tiger’s life is not their business, others predict he will lose more than his family. With Elin Nordegren out of the country most think divorce is inevitable for the couple.

Rumors continue to surface about who Tiger Woods is spent time with while his wife was away from the family home in Florida. Woods stated he was taking some time to concentrate on his family life. It was also reported that while Woods was in rehab for sex addiction Elin was allowed to visit.

Until Tiger Woods or Elin Nordegren submit statements telling the world what they will be doing, Tiger’s fans will wait on the sidelines. Many wonder how any marriage can survive the constant group of fans and paparazzi that follow such couples.

While some hope the couple will save their marriage, others are just worried about golf. It seems that to many fans it is just about the game. These fans feel what Tiger does on his own time is not on their minds. They just want to be sure they see him play golf in 2010 and always.